Spacious Skeldon clinic to be fully utilized –but leaking roof has to be fixed

THE spacious Skeldon, Berbice clinic is to be fully utilized since it has ample room to provide more medical services, said Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton during a visit to the clinic on Saturday.

According to Dr. Norton, the facility is very spacious, and apart from being used for just maternity health, it could be used for other medical purposes.
So far the clinic offers individual counseling for mothers, such as ways in which they could care for their newborn or unborn children, as well as persons are taught how to practice safe sex and so forth.
However, some of the nurses pointed out to the minister that the building which was renovated in 2012, has a problem which needs to be sorted out before anything is done there.
The roof, they noted, leaks whenever it rains, forcing them to remove the children’s corner which the Minister has already identified as a key aspect at other medical centers.
Apart from that, they observed also that the leaking roof also causes damage to documents and makes the environment uncomfortable to work in.
However, Minister Norton assured the nurses that the problems will be fixed and the facility will be up and running in an efficient and proper manner.


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