Shot Rose Hall ex-cop died from sepsis –pathologist

EX-policeman Ravi Outar, who was fatally shot outside his business premises at Rose Hall Town on June 10, 2015, died of  sepsis caused by gunshot injuries.

He also suffered from shock and haemorrhage.
The findings were made during a post-mortem by Forensic Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary on Monday.
Medical researchers have noted that sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection. Chemicals released into the blood to fight infection trigger widespread inflammation, which may result in organ damage.
Blood-clotting during sepsis reduces blood flow to limbs and internal organs, depriving them of nutrients and oxygen. In severe cases, one or more organs fail; in the worst cases, infection leads to a life-threatening drop in blood pressure, called septic shock. This can quickly lead to the failure of several organs — lungs, kidney, and liver, causing death.
On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, at around 20:00 hrs, the ex-policeman, along with his wife, Meschell Outar, were sitting around a table in front their shop when two men, one of whom was armed with a gun, approached the victim and discharged five rounds at him that caused him to receive injuries.
However, he  managed to  wrestle  with one of his attackers and, it was during the altercation that Outar observed a  parked motorcar, a few rods away, and in the driver’s seat he allegedly saw Jamaican national Ralvin Mickey Mc Lean, who has since been charged with attempted murder.
Investigators have revealed that the police are now seeking further advice from the director of public prosecutions, and it is expected that Mc Lean, who is currently a remanded  prisoner, will make another court appearance when the capital offence charge will be read to him.
Meanwhile, Outar’s body has since been returned to his hometown, where  a funeral service is expected to be held this weekend.



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