Prime Minister Hinds tells South Ruimveldt residents… Love and forgive APNU/AFC, but vote PPP/C –equates incessant charges of corruption to throwing grease
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds making a pitch to South Ruimveldt residents
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds making a pitch to South Ruimveldt residents


OUTGOING Prime Minister Samuel Hinds has urged South Ruimveldt, Georgetown residents to love and forgive the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR)-controlled A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Alliance, but vote solidly for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) on May 11.
South Ruimveldt is a known Opposition stronghold. Speaking at a recent public meeting at Johnny P Square, a passionate Hinds told the sizeable gathering that the major difference the PNC and the PPP/C is that the latter has taken a different approach to governance.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon on-the-go at South Ruimveldt
Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon on-the-go at South Ruimveldt

And the PPP/C formula, he said, has been a far more productive and effective one.
The Prime Minister explained that the position taken by the PPP/C has always been broad-based, bringing all onboard regardless of their race, religion and political persuasion, as the party recognises the need for all to play a constructive role in the development of Guyana.
But more importantly, he said, the PPP/C since assuming power in 1992 has focused on building a better Guyana and improving the lives of all Guyanese.
This, he told the residents, is still a work in progress, and with their generous support on May 11, a lot more will be achieved.
Prime Minister Hinds said South Ruimveldt, a community of hard working men and women, has over the past 23 years seen development, as every other place throughout Guyana.
Development is evident in new roads, access to potable water, improved housing and the vast majority of Guyanese family now having their own homes and their own motor vehicles, he said.
The Prime Minister, who at one time served as President, said after coming to power in 1992, the PPP was able to do a lot more than the PNC Government as it devoted great attention to strict financial discipline, to get value for what it paid for.
$10,000 GRANT
In building a people who will lead Guyana on a firm footing into the 21st Century, he said, the PPP/C recognised the importance of youth, and year after year, it has channeled the largest sum of the national budget to the education sector. To support poor parents, Government has also been giving a $10,000 grant to assist families in meeting some of their children’s school expenses.
Some 1,000 schools have been built, and communities are much happier, especially those in the hinterland regions, as their children now have access to a secondary education.
A number of hinterland students who did well at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) had gone on to study medicine and engineering in Cuba and have returned and are serving in their respective communities.
The same energy, Prime Minister Hinds said, is being funneled into the health sector, pointing out that more hospitals and health centres have been built throughout the country.
Today, he said, there are more locally-trained doctors in Guyana than at any time before in the country, noting that the PPP/C Government is focused on building Guyana step-by-step, and a Guyana for all Guyanese.

A section of the gathering at the South Ruimveldt meeting held at Johnny P Square

But, he said the process requires the help of all, including the political opposition. Much of what is said about the Government in certain sections of the media the Prime Minister said is not reflective of the truth, particularly the daily reports of corruption.
According to Prime Minister Hinds, there are some who believe that if they throw enough dirt on the government, it will stick, and this is what they have been doing through the media.
He said the Government has never denied that corruption existed, and has never said point blank that it will not address it. In fact, he said, it was the PPP/C Government that introduced rules to stop corruption, pointing out that the process in awarding of contracts at the National Tender and Procurement Administration is open, fair and transparent.
This was not the case prior to 1992, the Prime Minister said, contending that some of those who complain about corruption do so out of a failed expectation when their bids are not successful after going through scrutiny at the National Tender Board.
Describing their utterances as unfortunate, Prime Minister Hinds urged them not to lose faith, and to keep trying, but nevertheless said that this aspect of the corruption claims is grease and will slide way.
Former President of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) Gillian Burton, who spoke before the PM, said there is no perfect government and there will always be challenges.
But she noted that there is no doubt South Ruimveldt has improved under the PPP/C Administration.
She said the improvement happened largely because the Government is committed to the development of Guyana and sticks to the promises it makes with the people.
Burton said under the PPP/C Government, there has been improvements in the health and education sectors, women have been empowered under the Women of Worth (WoW) Project, many women have their own homes, and every Guyanese family will have access to a computer under the One Laptop Per Family Project.
On May 11, she urged South Ruimveldt residents to set a date with destiny and vote resoundingly for the PPP/C.
Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, hailed as a ‘Man for All Seasons’, also addressed the gathering. He said the APNU+AFC Alliance is calling for change, but it is the PPP/C that brought change to Guyana and continues to do so in every aspect in national governance.
Dr Luncheon said the PPP/C is proud of its track record in Government, pointing out that the PNC, which now controls the APNU+AFC Alliance, is no match, contending that notwithstanding the lies, distortions, misinformation and disinformation being peddled in certain sections of the media, there is no viable alternative to the current government.
And this is why Guyanese should vote without hesitation for the PPP/C. The PNC, he said, at one time was in power and through their dictatorship government they brought the nation to its knees.
Today, he said, they are asking the nation to forget about the past, and vote for them, but he urged the electorate not to be persuaded by the Alliance, which wants them to gamble their lives to give them power.
The Cabinet Secretary said Guyanese must ask themselves what the standard of living was 23 years ago, and what it is today.
The PPP/C, he said, has brought light to Guyana when it was in darkness; has brought hope to Guyana when it was in a state of hopelessness; and has brought unprecedented development to Guyana when it was in a state of ruin.
Dr Luncheon said all must come out and vote on May 11, pointing out that every vote for the PPP/C is a vote to protect the gains made over the past 23 years, and to enable the incumbent Government to continue improving the lives of all Guyanese.

By Tajeram Mohabir




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