People are not property

Guyana lost all its freedoms under the dictatorship, and these freedoms were restored after elections of October 5, 1992. However, true to form, the PNC, re-dressed as APNU and now APNU+AFC has not lost its propensity to treat people as though they were property instead of free-thinking individuals who have the right of choice.
That this choice has been exercised by some persons to support what they consider to be a progressive and productive political partnership that holds much hope and great promise for the transformation of Guyana into a developed country, the PPP/Civic, has elicited the most vicious and vindictive attacks against persons.
These bilious and spurious attacks are vented on especially Afro-Guyanese who the opposition sees as their personal property, to be used and abused at the will of mainly self-appointed political leaders, whether through rigged internal elections or by arrangements/agreements of convenience for political expediency.
It takes great courage for Afro-Guyanese to stand up and say, within Guyana’s political landscape, that they would support the PPP/C, for whatever reasons. But no one should be apologetic for their personal choices; nor should they be vilified for the choices they make after weighing and analyzing the options presented to them.
Clinton Urling is a canny young businessman who has taken his father’s business to a whole new level. He has served, and continues to serve, in leadership capacities in several organisations. He is no fool to be swayed by clever rhetoric or empty promises, but has the wisdom, despite his youth, to recognise that the general good should prevail, if this nation is to move forward and optimise its latent potential for social development and economic growth.
After due consideration of all the factors, he decided that a PPP/C Government is the best option to lead this nation into a future of unity, peace, progress and prosperity.This has been true of many persons who have not traditionally supported the PPP/C, but who are now convinced, after having witnessed and experienced the dismal and destructive performance of the joint opposition while they held sway in the Tenth Parliament, that Guyana can only move forward with the PPP/C; and they opted to serve their country by joining with a political construct that does not destroy, but only focuses on building, facilitating growth, and empowerment.
But the joint opposition takes umbrage at the fact that they are being shunned by people who discern their reality and want no part of it because they perceive these persons, mainly because of their ethnic composition, as their personal collateral, to be used, abused and damaged at their whims and fancies.
The dignified way to deal with those accustomed to oppressing and bullying Guyanese citizens is to completely ignore those who are adversarial by nature as inconsequential and of no relevance to one’s existence.


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