APNU+AFC promises ‘hollow and opportunistic’ -Prime Minister says PPP/C has delivered

THE political Opposition was called out last evening by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds for peddling “hollow and opportunistic” promises to the Guyanese people.

Addressing a gathering of several hundreds of supporters at the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Bartica rally, he underscored the fact that there is “danger ahead” and pointed to the promises of the Alliance of A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC).
“Their promises are hollow, they can be seductive, but they are hollow and opportunistic,” the Prime Minister said.
He acknowledged the community’s challenges, particularly in the area of electricity, but stressed that the incumbent party has delivered.
“You, like me, can be satisfied with the progress we have made…we have delivered on our promises. Today Guyana is greatly transformed, but there is a danger, and at the next elections we have to ensure that the PPP/ C is returned to Government,” he said.
According to him, there are many undertakings that could have been made were it not for the anti-development disposition of the political Opposition.
Speaking of the Amaila hydro project, he said, “We could have had this going at least two years ago, we would have been halfway along…it would have come at a good time with the fall in gold prices….Amaila would have provided 2,000 jobs,” he said.
In the absence of a renewable energy source, however, Hinds stressed that investments have continued to be made to move power generation from 10 megawatts to over 100 megawatts to service far over 100,000 people.
“In Bartica we have asked the RDC (Regional Democratic Council) for proposals for a new power station location in Bartica…our focus has been to move development from stage to stage…we are going to build a new and large power station for our citizens in Bartica,” he committed.
The Prime Minister underscored that there is more to do and for this to happen, the ruling party needs the support of all Guyanese.
“We have been bringing improvements in the quality of life to Bartica,” he said, stressing the point of equitable development across the country.
“We have seen Bartica grow and develop,” Hinds posited.
Opportunities for improved lives, advances in social programmes and police, particularly in the areas of education, health and housing, and support for the general development of Bartica were plugged by the Prime Minster as the PPP/C vision for the future.
“We come to you to say that we have been good stewards…we have been the good stewards for every person in Guyana…you just have to look around at where we are today and reflect on where we have come from. The PPP/C has the plans to keep going,” he concluded.
The PPP/C last Sunday made excerpts of its manifesto, Guyana 2.0, which details the plans, programmes and legislative agenda intended to realise its vision for the next five years.

By Vanessa Narine


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