Showing ‘who is boss’ in the Tenth Parliament

FOR approximately two decades, the PPP/C has worked unremittingly to reverse the destruction and devastation visited upon Guyana and Guyanese by the former PNC regime, with magnificent success.
When former President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo demitted office, socio-economic development in this country was poised to catalyse dramatically within the immediate future, from a base laid by the unrelenting efforts of the former president. It is for this reason that Dr. Jagdeo is now aptly referred to as ‘The architect of modern Guyana’.
However, the gains in the nation seem today to instead be on the brink of a downward trend, as the Government of the Donald Ramotar Administration found itself in a quandary when the PPP/C lost its parliamentary majority to a vengeful joint Opposition in the November 2011 elections.

The ludicrous irony of persons who had no input into Guyana’s wealth creation, even those who destroyed Guyana and left it a deeply indebted country, arrogating to themselves the right to abrogate that wealth disposition to the nation and drive the workers of the country into joblessness, has sent shockwaves rippling throughout the country as the implications of the vengeful budgetary cuts slowly sank into the unbelieving minds of the nation.
Even the private sector is, because, apart from other constraining factors, disposable income has consequently become severely reduced in many families and government-run institutions, thus hampering purchasing power, with severe, deleterious ripple effects on the business community.
There was no logic to the madness as the Opposition wielded its Sword of Damocles on the painstaking work of the Finance Minister, his supporting aides, and the various stakeholders in the nation’s economy.
The stunned disbelief of Government MPs was replicated in the faces of even Opposition media operatives who could not believe the socio-economic dislocations the Opposition collective was prepared to visit upon the nation, merely for vindictive spite, and for showing the Government, in Granger’s own words, “who is boss”.
As the nation heads to the polls on May 11, the electorate needs to take a long, hard look at the dismal performance of the joint Opposition while they held sway with their minute majority in the Tenth Parliament.
No credible or caring leader would stymie development of a country merely to demonstrate the fallacy that they are the boss, because, ultimately, everybody loses.


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