Entertainer robbed at traffic light stop –after exiting city bank
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A PROMINENT member of the entertainment industry was on Monday robbed by a bandit in “broad daylight” while heading home after doing a transaction at a city bank.She has reportedly lost two cellphones, a BlackBerry and Samsung Note 4; her Bank and identification cards, and a Prada bag.

The victim has declined to reveal her identity, but has told the Guyana Chronicle that the incident occurred at the junction of Lamaha and Albert Streets in Georgetown.

She said she was in her vehicle, which was in ‘park’ as the traffic light had indicated stop, when a man exited a yellow car which was two vehicles behind her, and snatched her bag through the front seat passenger’s window of her car.

The young lady said she was stunned by the man’s audacity and by his seeming to appear from nowhere. Much to her surprise, she said, after snatching her bag, the man ran a short distance away before turning back to collect her BlackBerry phone, which was also on the car seat.

All of this, she said happened during the time the traffic light had detained her; and after no one came to her rescue, she raised an alarm by “blowing her horn” and “screaming”.

The young lady said that on recognising her cry for help, the robber ran to and boarded the yellow car behind her, but the traffic light was still on red.

After a few seconds, he again exited the car and ran to a motorcyclist who was at the corner of the road, apparently waiting for him. On mounting the motorcycle, she said, the bike disappeared in the direction of Camp Street.

While this was happening, the entertainer said, the yellow car behind her came out of its lane and darted up Lamaha Street; but
minutes later, on seeing nothing was being done, a passenger disembarked a minibus behind her and offered to help.

The man, she said, drove her vehicle to Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, where several finger prints were taken, and thereafter they were sent to the Alberttown Police Station to make a report.

The Guyana Chronicle was told that the Police are reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in the vicinity where the robbery took place.

By Tajeram Mohabir


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