U.S. film crew completes shooting in North Rupununi for sport fishing documentary –Guyana to be featured on Outdoor Channel for the first time
GTA Director Indranauth Haralsingh, Carter Andrews and crew at the Princess Hotel after filming in North Rupununi for the sport fishing documentary
GTA Director Indranauth Haralsingh, Carter Andrews and crew at the Princess Hotel after filming in North Rupununi for the sport fishing documentary

A FILMING crew from GM Productions in the United States has just concluded filming for a sport fishing documentary, which was shot in the Rewa Area, North Rupununi.The documentary is titled ‘The Obsession of Carter Andrews’ and will be aired on the Outdoor Channel in May 2015. It follows renowned angler and guide, Carter ‘Big Boy’ Andrews as he tackles his single obsession, fishing.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Indranauth Haralsingh was quick to highlight the benefits the international exposure of the documentary will have for the country and the enhanced efforts to promote Guyana as a sport fishing destination.
“Guyana will be featured on the Outdoor Channel for the first time. We are often called the “Land of Many Waters” or the “Big River Country”. Guyana’s rivers are still unspoilt and sport fishing is a new area of tourism attraction in Guyana with many unchartered river terrains virgin to man,” Haralsingh said.
Guyana has two very productive fresh water fishing seasons, mid-February to late April and late August to late November. During this time, the rains would have stopped and the water would have receded from the savannahs and forest floors. By the middle of the dry season, the rivers usually become narrow as the water recedes. This makes fishing more exciting as less water means less space per fish and more competition to feed and to survive predators of the river.
Guyana shares with the Amazon River over 1,800 fish species. Among those are several game fish species such as the Payara, Arowana, Himara, and what is considered by professional anglers worldwide as the world’s most popular fresh water game fish, the Peacock Bass (Lukanani).
The country’s prime fishing locations are up the Essequibo River and along its tributaries below the river rapids and water falls such as Rockstone and Gluck Island, the New River Area, Kurupukari River and the Rupununi Burro Burro River.
In the waters surrounding Rewa Village, anglers can target Peacock Bass, Arapaima and Pyara among many others. The rivers hold plenty of fishing options to explore in an exciting catch and release experience.
“I just got back last night from one of the greatest fishing experiences of my life, fishing for Arapaima in the jungles of Guyana,” Andrews commented. With a household reach of 40 million, the Outdoor Channel spotlights Andrews who journeyed to Guyana to wrangle our ‘river monsters’.
He has led expeditions with friends and clients to 15 different countries and manages nearly 300 days of fishing annually, and this has earned him the reputation of being the most ‘complete’ angler on the water today. He explained that the power of his obsession is strong enough to reverberate through incredible television stories and even social media, where fans can participate with him.
Rewa Village is situated on the confluence of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers. This remote Amerindian settlement is a fast growing tourism destination, known for its wildlife and fishing adventures. All of the fresh water fish species known to the Amazon Region can be found in the Essequibo, Rupununi and Rewa Rivers, including the Payara, Arowana, Himara. (Rebecca Ganesh-Ally)




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