Region 2 Chairman calls on Kwebanna –talks business with residents at ‘wake house’

REGIONAL Chairman of Region 2, Mr. Parmanand Persaud, recently visited the community of Kwebanna in Region 1 and addressed a large group of residents at a “wake house” gathering.Mr. Persaud, who travelled to the community via boat through the Moruca savannah, dark bush, 99 turns, Bara Bara, Behara, Baramani and Waini Rivers arrived in the community after 18:00hrs after addressing community meetings at Assakata and Warapoka.

The chairman who met with residents at the waterfront near the Waini River spoke to them about government’s development plan for the community.
The chairman also took time off his busy schedule to address a “wake house” gathering in the community. Mr. Persaud, who was accompanied by the Toshao and other leading members of the village council, told residents that government will continue to develop the hinterland community of Kwebanna. The chairman spoke about the overall development that is taking place in the country and the upcoming General and Regional elections.
Some residents however questioned why the road between Kwebanna and Moruca is not graded and developed so travelling could be much easier. Mr. Persaud said work is in progress on the road network in Moruca and assured residents that the Kwebanna road will be graded and maintained. He said the Government is spending millions to maintain the roads in the Moruca sub- district.
One resident suggested that a bulldozer is needed to grade and open up the Kwebanna roadway and Mr. Persaud gave the assurance that he would discuss the matter with President Donald Ramotar.
Residents of Kwebanna also assured that they will support the PPP/C at the upcoming elections so that progress could continue and their community can be further developed. (Rajendra Prabhulall)


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