Clinton Urling mulls forming own party to contest upcoming elections – might endorse PPP/C or APNU/AFC coalition – tenders resignation as BLUE Caps Chair
Clinton Urling
Clinton Urling

CLINTON Urling, Chairperson and Founder of the recently established Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) BLUE Caps, has resigned from his post at the helm of that body but is still mulling a decision in relation to political aspirations.

Urling yesterday confirmed his resignation, but said he had wanted the announcement to come from the organisation itself.

According to the former President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), his decision to resign is meant to pave the way for others in the organisation to take up the leadership post, leaving their own imprint.

Pressed about political aspirations, Urling quickly denied that his resignation from BLUE Caps was linked, but did indicate that should he make such a decision, it would be announced within a month.

He pointed out that it was not a case of him resigning from BLUE Caps entirely but just as the Chairman and he would continue to serve the organisation.

Urling told the Guyana Chronicle he is yet to decide on whether to support the recently formed Opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)/Alliance For Change (AFC) or the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).
In fact, Urling for the first time announced that he has not ruled out forming an entirely new political party to contest the 2015 General and Regional Elections.
“I have not ruled out forming my own party,” quipped Urling.

All political parties desirous of contesting the upcoming General and Regional Elections are required to submit their official Candidates’ List and Party Symbol on Nomination Day, the 33rd day before May 11, which has been proclaimed Elections Day.

Head of State Donald Ramotar has already named May 11 as the date for the 2015 General and Regional Elections, and with the Main Political Opposition already actively pursuing support and endorsements, Urling has signalled serious active considerations of taking to a political platform this year.

During an earlier interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Urling had said that he holds himself out as an objective and independent force, and he definitely has it under active consideration for the 2015 elections.
According to the BLUE Caps Founder, there are certain specific elements he is looking for when finalising a decision on the available political options.

Urling has rejected claims that he has shown any open support for Government or Opposition in the past, saying while he has been accused of being ‘pro and anti’ over the years, it is an erroneous assertion.
According to Urling, all of his positions taken in the past were done with the national interest at its core.
He reminded that the core issues affecting Guyana will not be fixed by just having a pre-mature election.

Urling is adamant that in future there needs to be more youth in the leadership positions of these political forces.
The political parties, according to Urling, will be assessed by him before he makes a decision in order to align himself with those that embrace civil society bodies.
Urling is the General Manager and co-owner of German Restaurant and holds a Master’s degree in global studies.
He was elected as the youngest member and President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).
Recently he contested the Chairmanship of the Private Sector Commission, contending with Ronald Webster for the top post.
More recently, Urling founded and launched the BLUE Caps organisation. (Gary Eleazar)



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