2014 GABA OPEN C’SHIPS ‘AK47’ fires blanks at ‘Biggy’ Small -Rhon Smith suffers upset
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THEY CAME by the hundreds from as far as Rose Hall Town, Berbice in the East and Anna, Regina, Essequibo in the West to catch a glimpse of Quincy ‘Biggy’ Small in action last Saturday night, when action in the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association 2014 Open Championships continued at California Square, in East Ruimveldt.The USA based Small, who is the younger brother of former World Boxing Association cruiserweight champion Wayne ‘Big Truck’ Brathwaite, was making his debut in Guyana and certainly he did not disappoint, even though he was facing a gamed Jason ‘AK 47’ Barker in the final bout of the evening.
Certainly, the matchmakers of with the GABA including its president Steve Ninvalle and Technical Director Terrence Poole, along with independent promoter Seon Bristol must be complimented for their sterling efforts in bringing such a fighter to these shores, with the aim of having Small represent Guyana at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero.
Looking at Barker during the introduction of the fighters at 01:10hrs yesterday morning, and one would see fear, as ‘Biggy’ Small flexed his shoulders and exercised his neck muscles before the first bell sounded.
A right hand from Barker found its mark on Small’s midsection but it had little or no effect on the burly fighter, who shrugged off the punch and landed a few of his own as both boxers felt each other out in the first stanza.
During the second round, ‘Biggy’ Small unleashed several punches to the body of Barker, whose knick name failed to serve him any purpose, as his opponent were more like a ‘G3’ weapon ready and loaded to fire at will.
Both boxers engaged each other in an intense battle at the centre of the ring, with the aim of seeking the ascendancy over each other and with a vociferous crowd chanting out his names at will, ‘Biggy’ Small saw his Barker losing points for spitting out his mouth piece intentionally.
The third round was just as fierce and aggressive as the first, with Barker riding Small’s punches at will but needlessly lost points during the round for losing his mouth guard and when the final bell was sounded loud cheers erupted while ‘Biggy’ Small amidst his size did several jumping high fives to his corner men, on his way to being named winner by unanimous decision.
The second night of action commenced with wins for Quincy Boyce, Jamal Eastman, Orin Bancroft, Diwani Lampkin, Richard Sabatree and Kevin Allicock over Travis Hubbard, Seon Griffith, Junior Henry, Colin Hinds, Victor Low and Arthur Scipio respectively, with Boyce and Kevin Allicock winning via TKO.
Mark Marshall then lost via unanimous decision to Stefan Andrews after suffering a knockdown within the first 15 seconds of the bout, even as Delon Charles forced the referee to stop his contest with Christopher DaSilva at 2m: 37secs in the second round.
Imran ‘Magic’ Khan looked rusty in his third round TKO win over Stefan Julian and was set to face Nandkumar ‘The Real Coolie Bully’ Singh in the final last night, after Singh recorded a split decision victory over Clairmont Gibson.
Aquincy Henry also got a split decision victory over Klaus Daniels, Keeve Allicock stayed in his shell and chalked up an unanimous decision win over Anandram Dharamraj, even as Eon Bancroft was impressive with his win via unanimous decision over Jason Phillips.
The surprise defeat of the night was suffered by Rhon ‘Pretty Boy’ Smith, who went under to Glenroy Smith by a split decision; one when announced did not go down too well with the crowd on hand.
Kevin Rodney had what was thought to be the fastest TKO win of the night, when he dropped Dennis Thomas at 2m: 18secs of the first round only to see Desmond Amsterdam better that time, with his 1m: 54secs TKO first round win over Seon Kirton.
Sean Phillips and Delon Gordon treated the crowd on hand to a fierce battle when they clashed in the 91kg weight class, with Gordon coming out on top, but it was the ‘Biggy’ Small versus ‘AK47’ Barker contest which saw the crowd drawing close to the ring but were prevented from getting there by the barricades that were in place.

(By Calvin Roberts)

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