Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…Is the Opposition concerned about the well-being of all Guyanese citizens?
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YOU would easily think that if the political Opposition in Guyana is as concerned as they usually claim they are, then they would be working round the clock to pressure Government to bring further benefits to our people.
But you are mistaken, not in this dear land of ours. The opposition here is interested in pressuring Government to deny benefits to our citizens.The hallmark of their policy has been their illegal budget cuts for the past two consecutive years in the National Assembly.
In fact, over 50 billion dollars in projects, programmes, goods and services which have been included in the budget by the PPP/C Government have been slashed by the APNU/AFC alliance using their combined one-seat majority.

QUOTE: Opposition Leader David Granger seems focused on cutting the budget which has already been deemed illegal rather than work towards protecting Guyana from the effects of being blacklisted

Every single Guyanese has been affected in one way or another by this single action of the opposition and continued criticism of their action from a wide cross section of society, including their supporters; the AFC/APNU still seem hell bent on continuing with their destructive agenda.
Bear in mind that this is despite the High Court’s recent ruling that the action of the opposition is unconstitutional and hence illegal.
Rather, than take this in stride and reorient its focus, there was a barrage of attacks on the legitimacy of the judiciary by the opposition. They even questioned the ability of the judiciary to adjudicate on matters which occur in the legislative arm of Government.
Yet, we are told that the Opposition leader is now approaching the very judiciary whose legitimacy he and his party had questioned weeks earlier. According to the media, Mr. Granger through his Attorney Basil Williams on Tuesday filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of Judicature against the court’s ruling to exclude him from the budget cut case. He had previously appealed the case before the Full Court, but this court ruled that it lacked jurisdiction, but granted him leave to approach the Appellate Court.

In all of this, Guyanese should take serious note as to where the interests of the opposition really lie. We are on the verge of being blacklisted by the international community which will have serious repercussions on our economy and as a result, quite possible erode some of the gains we have made in improving the standard of living of our people.
But the opposition, led by Mr. Granger seem more concerned about their ability to cut the budget and starve citizens of crucial Government services and resources.
Our people have already begun to cry out at the effects of the increased scrutiny from the international community and how it is affecting their business; but does the Opposition care?
By now we know the answer!

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