FFP commissions $7.1M renovated Kuru Kururu girls’ dormitory

FOOD for the Poor Guyana Inc. (FFP) yesterday commissioned a girls’ dormitory that was renovated at a cost of $7.1M at Kuru Kururu, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.
At the ceremony in the community, among others present were Assistant Chief Probation Officer
in the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, Mr. Gavin Munroe; FFP Executive Director, Mr. Leon Davis and FFP Chairman, Mr. Paul Chan-A- Sue.
Munroe acknowledged the importance of rendering assistance to the less fortunate in society and the necessity of providing a safe home for the development of children.
“I am happy and impressed with what is happening here and the fact that Food for The Poor has been fulfilling a noble task, which is deserving of God’s richest blessings,” he said.
Munroe said the ministry and FFP have collaborated in the past to improve the lives of vulnerable groups and the charitable organisation has always been of help.
He added that FFP has been doing remarkable work in aiding women and children and, for that, the ministry is extremely grateful.
Munroe encouraged the community residents to view the completion of the building not just as an investment to be measured in dollars and cents, but one of love.
“When I look at this building, I see love, care and sacrifice and I feel proud at the kindness that FFP has shown, which indicates that love and kindness still dwell in humanity,” he asserted.
Munroe also assured that the ministry would continue to work with the community to improve the lives of the residents there.
Davis said the ‘Bright Horizon Children’s Home’ as it is named was one of the first projects on which he worked and admitted that it is from that initiative he gained great inspiration and zeal.
“This is where we got our vision from and we are proud to be associated with this home,” he reiterated.

Extremely important

Davis said it is extremely important that children have a safe place where they could grow and develop and be nurtured by people who care about them.
“Today is a great day for the children here and for the Food for the Poor and I know that this girls’ dormitory will, indeed, serve its purpose so that those who stay here can be comfortable,” he said.
Davis said the assistance offered by FFP serves to empower young people by providing support in key areas and by funding special projects which will aid in this endeavour.
“We are also the funding agency for several projects, including the Poultry Project which is also underway in this area and we hope to open a library here in the near future, so that, when these children get older, they will act as good role models and productive citizens of Guyana,” he informed.
Davis applauded the community for its patience while the construction was being done, remarking that development takes place in stages.
He encouraged the beneficiaries to call upon FFP any time they are in need of help.
One of the founders of the Home, Ms. Doreen Liven, said its renovation is a generous gift from FFP, which has been a pillar of support over the years.
“This organisation has been offering its continued support and this is one of the many blessings it has bestowed upon us and I want to say that we appreciate everything that they have done, not only for us, but the community as a whole,” she attested.
The job started on April 15, 2010 and was completed in November of the same year and included the erection of a 17 feet by 50 feet concrete structure comprising six rooms.
FFP has been aiding the institution for 18 years and, in 2008, the home was inducted into the Angels of Hope Programme, through which it receives food supplies, clothing, toiletries etc. every month and has now benefited from the  establishment of a chicken farm to assist with its self-sufficiency thrust.

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