Police report increased disorderly murders in mining areas
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In ‘E &F’ Division…
COMMANDER of Police ‘E&F’ Division, Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine on Thursday reported an increase in “disorderly” murders, especially in the mining areas.
He said it is unfortunate that lives are lost in such gruesome circumstances, most times it is either or a combination of several factors.
Ramnarine said alcohol abuse appears to be too rampant, not only in mining districts but in many other areas.
He said a clearer picture that seems to be emerging is that some persons have a poor or weak tolerance level when under the influence of intoxicating liquor and, often, exhibit reckless and violent behaviour.
Ramnarine observed that, in a lot of instances, the tropical heat and the rush of blood seem to overcome and cloud the perpetrator’s ability to reason and refrain from conduct with grave consequences.
“It is also sad that, in a number of instances where those disorderly murders occur, persons who, later, turn out to be witnesses, could not, for reasons best known to themselves, make sufficient efforts, in the initial stages of arguments, to pacify the situation,’ he remarked.
Based on recorded statistics, murders, this year, are 18 per cent more, with 25 in ‘E&F’ Division alone and disorderly ones numbered 36 overall.
There were 36 disorderly murders this year, as compared to 37 in 2009 but unlawful killings, in general, for January 1 to October 31, 2010, number 114, more than the 97 for the same period in 2009.
Some of the recent are:
* Clive Williams, 38, of Pomeroon River, Essequibo, stabbed to death on December 7, at 23 Miles, Mabura, North West District. The chainsaw operator was imbibing with another man when an argument developed and escalated into a fight during which he was killed;

* Damien La Rose, 21, a miner also fatally stabbed by a fisherman, on October 29, at Moruca Water Front, during an argument while drinking alcoholic beverages at a shop;

* Rawle Peters, 23, of Haslington, East Coast Demerara, in another stabbing, at Puruni Landing, Mazaruni, on September 20, during a misunderstanding with another man;

* Sylvester Simon, a miner of St. Ignatius Lethem, Rupununi, killed during and argument on August 22, at Apaika Landing, Middle Mazaruni and

* Jose Rodriguez De Oliveira, a Brazilian miner stabbed to death on August 8,
at Aranka Backdam during a quarrel with another man in a mining camp.      

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