Stephenson confident Guyana will secure tourist destination recognition
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After television team visit…
TOURISM and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) President, Mr. Paul Stephenson said, Thursday, that the purpose of the visit by a team from ‘One Caribbean Weather’ and WSEE TV has been fulfilled.
The visitors included One  Caribbean Weather Chief Forecaster, Mr. Joey Stevens; owner of WSEE TV, Mr. Brian Lilly and cameraman Mr. Bob Misulich, who spent a week here and left last July 18.
Stephenson said their mission was accomplished and they were impacted significantly by the hospitality of Guyanese people.

“They said they have never been treated like they were in Guyana in other Caribbean countries, in terms of hospitality, comfort and the atmosphere,” he reported.
Stephenson said they were also, more importantly, overwhelmed by the local popular tourist attractions and their coming achieved much to boost Guyana’s reputation and endorsement.
He explained that the objective was to get them here and expose them to what this country has to offer and the achievement was more than that, as they were stunned by what they saw.
Their stay was made possible through support also from the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, the Private Sector, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and other stakeholders in the tourist industry.
Some film recordings made here, of what is on offer locally, have already begun to be shown on One Caribbean Weather but a 30 minutes production, expected to take a few weeks, is also in the making.
The expectation is that Guyana will be permanently showcased, along with all the other Caribbean countries, featured on One Caribbean Weather, Stephenson disclosed.
Little expectation
He said the producers came with little expectation and no idea of what the facilities were like but were duly impressed by Guyana and he expressed confidence that this country will secure destination recognition through the intervention.
The WSEE TV personnel, on their packed itinerary, travelled in and around Georgetown, to look at historical sites, hotels and restaurants; Essequibo to see the popular tourist resorts, too; Kaieteur, Iwokrama and Lethem, where they visited the Takutu River Bridge.
In an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, before departure, Stevens declared its people are the best thing about Guyana.
“When I get back, I will be talking about this trip, sharing people the rainforest, the jungle, the rivers and the whole different experience,” he had promised.
He remarked that most of the Caribbean islands have sandy beaches, palm trees and mega resorts but what makes a place different is its people.
Stevens added that Guyana is fortunate to have positive things which can be shared and popularised.

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