Region 10 on top of flooding

-Officials pleased with government interventions
FLOOD-AFFECTED residents of Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Berbice) are beginning to regain a sense of normalcy, even as the government continues its interventions there.
Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Henry Rodney told the Government Information Agency Thursday that there is a concerted effort by both the government, through the Regional Administration, and residents to restore the affected areas after having reached a consensus that the recent flooding could not have been prevented.
Rodney said that the Region was always prepared for flooding in particular areas, especially in the Kwakwani area, as it a usual occurrence in the rainy season, but that with the particularly heavy concentrated and constant rainfall, the situation quickly became unmanageable.
He said that at the level of local government, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is coordinating the governmental relief efforts, spearheading teams from the Ministries of Agriculture, Public Works and Communication and Health, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and the Linmine Secretariat.
Rodney said that since the early days of the flooding, 24-hour health monitoring teams were set up, complete with communication by radios and cell phones. Additionally, health teams comprising doctors and medexes are dispatched daily to the most affected communities of Lamp Island in Kwakwani, Coomacka/Three Friends, Muritaro in the Berbice River, and Block 22 and parts of Silvertown, Wismar.
To mitigate against water borne diseases, ointments and water treatment supplies are being distributed.
Daily too, Rodney said, the RDC and the Linmine Secretariat assists in the transportation and distribution of food hampers from the CDC. He believes that once the Kamakabra Creek area on the Ituni/ Kwakwani trail is restored, regional officials will be in a better position to give further assistance to residents.
Transport and Hydraulics Minister, Mr. Robeson Benn had indicated that works on that area would have been completed today, restoring full use of the Ituni/ Kwakwani trail. Last week saw the restoration of the previously affected creek crossings at 40 and 42 Miles Mabura.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud had earlier indicated that the government had dedicated $100M this year to supporting the Regional Administration in Region 10.


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