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I’m trying to remember how to weave a ribbon-rose.  An old African-Guyanese woman once taught me how to make it.  She shared this skill even though she made those roses to sew on pillow-cases which she sold.
I do not know many women who would share their skills the way she did.  Many women tend to hug their knowledge to themselves, afraid to let others catch a glimpse of it.

Why is sharing difficult for some?  Many of us know someone like the girl who cooks a delicious chow-mein but she’d never share her secret recipe even with her best friend…although she doesn’t make a living selling chow-mein.  Or, there’s the woman who knows how to do a special embroidery stitch but she would rather die than teach another.  Are they afraid that other women might cook a more delicious meal, might make a lovelier home?
Ah, but think of the benefits we would all reap if we improve each other’s life.
Think of the possibilities, of how exciting our communities can be.  Think of the businesses we can help each other create, how much more money there can be for all of us.
Let’s bring out the best in each other.  Let’s share what we know, what we think, believe.
Email or send via post, your thoughts to the Chronicle, or email savannahwomenscircle@gmail.com.

Hemming your hand-sewn pillow-case: continued from last week.
(1.)  From the opening, measure 8 centimetres down, both sides of pillow-case.  Mark lightly with pencil.   (2.)  Turn the hem 8 cm. down, inside.  Pin.  (3.)  With one strand of machine thread, sew big running stitches to hold down this fold.
4.)  Remove pins.  From the top, measure ½ cm. down, both sides.  (5.)  With two strands of one embroidery thread, sew small running stitches along the ½ cm. border. (6.)  Turn pillow-case to wrong side.  Measure 1 cm. from the bottom edge, marking points.

(7.)  Turn the hem 1 cm. under.  Pin front hem to front of pillow-case; repeat with back.  (8.)  Sew front hem to front of pillow-case with big running stitches, using machine thread.  Repeat with back.  (9.)  Remove pins.  Turn pillow-case to right side.  With two strands of other embroidery thread, sew small running stitches – front hem to front of pillow-case; same with back.
Remove machine thread.  Rinse pillow-case, iron.  Sweet dreams.

The miracle of plants.

If you see a plant in an office or a home, look at it with great respect.  That plant is working miracles for you.  It is absorbing chemicals which are released by synthetic materials in the building…chemicals from paints, inks, cleaning fluids, plastic and more, which can make you seriously ill.

How do plants do this?
Through tiny openings in their leaves, they absorb the chemicals, break them down, and change them into organic and amino acids and sugars.

The roots also work for you.  They activate tiny organisms which break down the chemicals, making food and energy.

When the plant absorbs the carbon monoxide in the air, it releases oxygen and water vapour.  It pulls air down to its roots and gives oxygen to the tiny organisms.  These organisms use the air and chemicals to make food for the plants and for themselves.

But that’s not all.
The plant also produces something that makes you feel great – negative ions.

Negative ions are around falling water, in tropical forests and ocean waves.  Plants produce them when they release water vapour.

The thief of negative ions are those chemicals which are in those synthetic materials, in your home and business place. So while those materials are busy releasing bad chemicals, they are also stealing the ions you need to feel happy.

Not to worry.  Your indoor plants release them for you.  Put them in your home and you will be doing every good thing for your health and happiness.  You will also help your environment – you will be growing fresh air.
Next week: the best plants to put indoors…

…Market your skills.

Elaine placed an ad in the classified pages, selling her skills as an accounting teacher*.  She would do private tutoring, at times convenient to each student.  Her rates would be quite reasonable.
Scores of students contacted Elaine.  But now, they are thinking of dropping her.
She is late for classes.  She charges for an hour but teaches half that time.  She does not remember what work each student must cover; she forgets if she’s given them homework.
Elaine has ignored…or perhaps she does not know…the main lessons in selling her skills.
Placing an ad is not the only way.  Your performance is your best advertisement in the long run.  Word gets around about you.  People discuss you; they share experiences.
If you are truly interested in marketing yourself as a professional instead of someone out to get people’s money, there are certain guidelines you must follow.
* Name and profession disguised to protect the guilty.
Next week: those guidelines…

Confidence from the outside.
Obsessing about your looks can breed insecurity.  But, to a certain extent, we do need to look good to feel good.  A sloppy appearance can affect the way you walk and talk.  To build confidence by shaping your appearance is simple and does not have to be costly.  Follow these tips and soon you’ll feel pretty good.

Dress well.  Your clothes do not have to be expensive; they should be clean and well-fitting.  Stay away from tight clothes – they make a girl look cheap.  You do not need lots of clothes to dress well – mix and match pants, skirts and tops to stretch your wardrobe.  Keep your hair clean and oil-free.  Brush your teeth.  Bathe before going out.  Remove chipped nail polish.
Stand straight.  Slouching makes you look poorly; it makes you drag your feet.  Standing straight gives you a confident appearance.  Hold your head up, look people in the eye when you speak.
Walk with confidence.  Don’t drag your feet.  Walk as though you’re somebody and you will feel better.
Speak up.  If you are phoning a business place, if you go into a store, seeking information, speak clearly.  When you speak as though you are afraid, you sound as though you lack confidence – and you will feel that way.
Exercise.  Walk, jump, dance; do yoga, follow the exercises on morning television.  Exercise boosts serotonin, your feel-good chemical; it gives you energy, puts a glow in your eyes and skin.  If gets you in shape.
Building confidence is a daily exercise.  Work on yourself everyday, inside and out, eat well.  Soon, you will love you more.
Enjoy the rest of your week, ladies.  Be good to yourselves, take care of you.

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