‘200,000 votes affected by fraud’


…Coalition alleged in updated data as recount continues

AN updated version of the APNU+AFC’s monitoring of irregularities unearthed during the recount process claims that a total of 4,122 numerical irregularities were found to date which have affected 221,244 votes.

The update, presented on Sunday, comes though the party’s examination of 1,144 ballot boxes since the recount began.

A summary of the information provided claims that votes affected by missing poll books are as follows: 2,553 – Region One; 15,897 – Region Two; 3,256 – Region Three; 41, 874 – Region Four; 3,207 – Region Five; 2,090 – Region Six and 303 – Region Seven, amounting to 69,182 votes.

Meanwhile, votes affected by missing Official List of Electors (OLE) are as follows: Region One – 193; Region Two – 156; Region Four – 766 and Region Five – 20 arriving at a total of 1,135.

“The poll book and the Official List of Electors are legal documents that validate the votes cast and all other activities at a given polling station. Missing poll books prevent the validation of votes cast at polling stations. Missing OLEs prevent the confirmation of the number of persons who actually voted at a polling station. The absence of poll books and the Official List of Electors facilitates electoral fraud by the PPP,” the APNU+AFC stated.

The party also claims that a total of 61,690 votes were affected by a variance in what was ticked by GECOM officials on OLEs. These can be broken down as Region One- 3,217; Region Two – 616; Region Three- 15,309; Region Four – 27, 429; Region Five – 9,453; Region Six – 3,553; Region Seven – 2,113; Region Eight – 549; Region Nine – 300 and Region Ten – 61,690.

Meanwhile, in total, the APNU+AFC highlighted 362 missing Certificates of Employment; 41 persons who voted in the place of dead persons; 1,999 persons who voted in the place of migrants; 217 persons who had no identification but voted without an Oath of Identity; 670 missing Oath of Identities; 715 unverifiable oaths due to missing poll books; 118 unstamped ballots; 342 missing poll books and 9 missing OLEs. Together they amount to 4,122 alleged numerical irregularities and what the party states are 221,244 votes affected.

“Given the clear intent of the PPP to commit voter fraud, the coalition will not accept any ballot without the required legal document to validate all votes,” the party stated. It has written the Elections Commission 11 letters on the matter and awaits the outcome of at least one investigation that has been launched into its claims of migrant voters.