Lions cart off Trophy Stall-sponsored dominoes in feature

Manniram Shew hands over the winners’ trophy to Keith Riley in the presence of his teammates.

LIONS registered a comprehensive victory when the Trophy Stall-sponsored feature dominoes tournament took place at the Everest Cricket Club (ECC), Camp Road, Georgetown last Friday night.

Apart from trailing by a mere two games in the second sitting when International 6 led with 28 games to their 26, and Canal 6 trailing on 19, Lions never relinquished the lead. They eventually finished on 83 games while International 6 placed second on 78 and Canal 6 in the cellar on 74.

Keith Riley led the way for the winners with the maximum 18 games while great support came from Orin Jordan (17), Vanroy Alfred 13), Ken Phillips (12) and Leonard Leung (12).

The top players for International 6 were Intikab ‘Corbie’ Ali with 17 games, Claude Stuart (14) and Ronald Beharry who made 28 games (playing through).

For Canal 6, Avinash Persaud and B. Mahdu scored 14 games each while there were also 13 each for Maheshwar Samjewan and Rajiv Doodnauth.

Apart from the winners’ and first runners-up trophies, prizes were awarded to the top player in each team. Riley of Lions, Ali of International 6 and Persaud of Canal 6 were the recipients. Persaud, by virtue of giving away fewer games than Mahdu, received the coveted trophy.

At the presentation ceremony, which followed, organiser Manniram ‘Packer’ Shew expressed sincere thanks to proprietor Ramesh Sunich of Trophy Stall for his kind gesture in sponsoring the trophies.