19% drop in serious crimes


…but fatal accidents increase by 20 per cent

THE Guyana Police Force said it has recorded a 19 per cent decrease in serious crimes at the end of January, 2018 relative to the same period last year. However, it has recorded a 20 per cent increase in fatal accidents.

There was a tie in respect of murders and the same for robbery under arms when firearms were used. A 13 per cent decrease in robberies where no instruments were used; a 50 per cent decrease in robbery under arms where instruments other than firearms were used; a 50 per cent decrease in robbery with aggravation; a 50 per cent decrease in larceny from the person; a 24 per cent decrease in rapes; a 52 per cent decrease in burglaries; a 9 per cent decrease in break and enter and larceny and a 45 per cent increase in robbery with violence.

Meanwhile, regarding traffic management, the police said there was a 20 per cent increase in fatal accidents and a 14 per cent decrease in deaths at the end of January, 2018, relative to the corresponding period last year. Serious, minor and damage accidents have decreased by 17 per cent, 15.3 per cent and 13 per cent respectively in that order.

Speeding, speeding/driving under the influence of alcohol and pedestrians crossing in the path of approaching vehicles were the main causes of the fatal accidents. Persons charged with traffic violations between January 01-31, 2018 amounted to 8,201.

“The Guyana Police Force wishes to publicly acknowledge the cordial relationship that exists among its members and civil society and urges the general public to continue to support law-enforcement initiatives, so as to ensure safer communities for all and sundry.”