Welcome announcement of pedestrian overpass on the EBD road


Dear Editor
I WOULD like to offer my commendation to the Minister of Public Infrastructure and the Cabinet for the soon to be constructed pedestrian over passes on the East Bank Public Road.
This was a suggestion I offered ten years ago and many felt was not needed and not necessary. The usefulness for me, is during the morning commute, as the crossings at Houston and Agricola cause the north bound traffic to back up. The slowdown is ‘for every second three vehicles back up.’ While after peak morning hours these structures may not be well utilised, the greater public good would accrue from the better morning traffic flows into the city, resulting in huge man hours and fuel savings, while the lives of our children and workers would be less endangered.
I, however, have one concern regarding the locations. I feel that the Eccles overpass should go close to the school at Agricola as this is where there are more pedestrians crossing the road than at Eccles. I trust that the Ministry will relook at the location I suggest.
Manzoor Nadir