Man loses tip of nose in shop brawl


TWO MEN are hospitalised following a brawl at a shop at Airy Hall, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday.

Police reported that during the melee one of the two men discharged a round from an unlicensed handgun after he was stabbed and he had bitten off the tip of the other man’s nose.

Gavin Jackson, 30, of Cottage, Mahaicony, ECD and Matthew Pestano, 32, of 111 Miles, Mahdia and Princes Street, Georgetown, were imbibing at the shop when an argument erupted.

Pestano left and returned shortly with a handgun and the duo ventured unto the public road and began to fight, during which altercation, Pestano discharged a round in the air, Jackson stabbed him in the abdomen with an object, and then Pestano bit off the tip of Jackson’s nose.

During the scuffle the firearm fell on the roadway and was retrieved by a public-spirited citizen who subsequently handed it over to the police.

Pestano was taken to the Mahaicony Police Station and was searched by the police who found five additional live rounds on his person. He was escorted to the GPHC along with Jackson, where they were both treated and admitted, under police guard.