TALES FROM WAY BACK WHEN ( A look at some of the stories that made the news “back-in-the-day with Clifford Stanley


(Guyana Graphic June 5, 1969)
Dracula has risen from the grave.“You just can’t keep a good man down. Christopher Lee. Never has one man’s mastery over women been so completely overpowering and completely terrifying. Your blood will boil. “Curse of Frankenstein” Strand- Today 1-4.45-8.30; 16 years and over.SHOP RUM EXPENSIVE
(Daily Chronicle January 5th 1969)
An aged Essequibo farmer told a magistrate that he was forced to drink bush rum because shop rum was too expensive.
Gildharrie, called Browne, of Hampton Court, was charged before Magistrate Satrohan Singh at the Anna Regina Court with having bush rum in his possession.
He pleaded guilty and told the court that he worked hard during the day and when he went home in the afternoon feeling tired, he usually took his “little toops.”
The magistrate fined him $250 with an alternative of four months imprisonment and advised him to stop drinking the illicit brew since it was injurious to his health.

(Guyana Chronicle June 2, 1969)
The Related Arts Group is busily rehearsing for its third session at the Theatre Guild Playhouse, Kingston Georgetown.
The group will play for seven days-June 25-July 2.
The Plays are: Bertram Charles :”The Alexin of our cure” and “Another Place Somewhere”.
“The Alexin of our cure” is a tense compassionate drama underlining the power of the mind.
“Another place somewhere” is tough and hard-hitting.
It portrays the plight of “un-accommodated” Man.
American born Charlyn De Burst  who did much amateur drama in New York  will be guest actress.
She plays “Jeanne” in “Another Place Somewhere.


(Guyana Graphic June 1, 1969)
Prince Buster, Jamaican singer and composer of over one hundred hits,  including “Ten Commandments” and other “Rock Steady” hits, is coming on June 11 for a one night in Guyana at the Globe theatre.
Prince will be the featured performer in the Reggae 69 Revue which is comprised of top flight Jamaican performers including the “Soul Sisters” , “Bob Andy”,  “The Strollers”, “Jackie Opel”  and a leading Jamaican Rock Steady “Reggae Band”, led by Ken Lazarus formerly of Byron Lee Band.

(Guyana Chronicle June 4th 1969)
Lance Corporal Mohabir Singh (25) was one of over 100 officers and men of the 1st Battalion the Lancashire Regiment who crossed by sea from Malta, where the Battalion is stationed to Cyprus recently.
The exercise not only gave the Lancashires the opportunity of realistic training in unfamiliar areas, but also practiced them in mobility, the key word  in the modern Army.
Mohabir, who comes from Palmyra, East Canje Berbice, comes from a military family.
His father , now a Superintendent in the Police Force, was formerly a Captain with the 11th Ghurka Rifles  and his brother is a Sergeant with the American Army in their 101st Air Cavalry Division- the famous Screaming Eagles.
Lance Corporal Singh was a Policeman before he joined the British Army and since then he has  certainly seen the world.
His career has taken him to Malta, Bahrain, Sharjah, Libya, Cyprus, Kenya and he has seen active service in Aden where he was wounded by a terrorist hand grenade.
Mohabir is now a fully trained infantryman and has the responsible task of commanding a section of rifle-men in one of Britain’s best Regiments.
Despite the work involved, he still finds time to go horse-riding and deep sea fishing , both favorite hobbies  of his.
He is also a good long distance runner and a member of his Battalion’s shooting team.

(Guyana Graphic June 5, 1969)
INGREDIENTS: 6 biscuits; 1 .5 ounces yeast; 6 lbs sugar; I gallon water.
METHOD: Break up all biscuits;  Pour all into a Jar; add yeast and sugar; then leave for one week; then strain and bottle out. Don’t cork the bottle too tight. Excellent with ice.
CONTRIBUTED BY   Mrs. Gwendolyn Seecharran, #40 village West Coast Berbice.
INGREDIENTS: 5 ripe bird peppers; 5 pints water; 1 bottle beer or ale; sugar to taste.
METHOD: Cut peppers crosswise; add to sugar beer and water; Brew for half an hour; strain bottle and label; Tie cork if it is not a screwed on one.
CONTRIBUTED BY: Bibi. Z. Mohamed , Peters Hall EBD,.
INGREDIENTS: 1 medium ripe papaw; 1 pint milk; 3 ozs sugar; flavoring as desired.
METHOD: Wash peel and mash papaw through a sieve. Add sugar and sweeten; Mix with milk; Flavor, swizzle, whisk or shake with ice. Serve at once.
CONTRIBUTED BY Joan A. Marsh, Golden Grove Village East Coast Demerara.
INGREDIENTS:  4 ripe guavas; 2.5 pints water; 3.5 teaspoons of sugar; a pinch of salt.
METHOD: First put the water in a pot  with the guavas (chopped) to boil for half an hour. After boiling strain it; then while cooling, put in salt and after cooling, add sugar. Throw it into a glass and add ice.
CONTRIBUTED BY: Joyce Blair, Three Friends Mines Demerara River.

(Guyana Graphic June 6, 1969)
Magistrate Winslow McWilliams of the Traffic Court yesterday devoted his entire day to dealing with radio licenses dodgers and fined 127 persons who appeared before him a total of $635.
Those who appeared before the Magistrate included an ex-international Guyanese cricketer, a retired school master, housewives and city businessmen.
In the case of a Doctor at the Georgetown Hospital, Defense Counsel pointed out that the medical officer had recently qualified and returned home.
He added that a relative had given him the radio but he did not realize that it was not working nor that a licence had not been taken out for it .
This was however done after the licensing officer visited him.
The Doctor was reprimanded and discharged.
An American Clergyman who pleaded guilty said that he was not aware that a license had to be taken out .
He said that it was the first time that he had been approached about a license for his radio since he arrived in the country two years ago.

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