This is what the PNC/APNU is all about


Given what is emanating from the Walter Rodney Commission of Enquiry, on the strategy that the then People’s National Congress government perpetrated on the people of Guyana, it is reasonable to conclude as to the similarity with regards its current umbrella shelter of the A Partnership for National Unity(APNU)  non-cooperation with the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Legislation. More than anti-national would be an apt description; but, criminal would be very appropriate given the enduring peculiar circumstances of Guyana’s current position of non-compliance.

The question just comes naturally – which opposition party would want to be recorded in  its particular country’s history, as being responsible for resultant punitive actions of a type that would debilitate its economy, thereby causing its people to suffer?
It is not, to repeat, that this opposition is not aware of its history of policies that once brought this country to its knees. It sure does. Yet, almost in the same vein, it has continued in its anti-people behaviour that is not only a further disservice to its already abysmal record, but one that seeks to wreak further havoc, if allowed.
This is what the PNC/APNU is all about.

Trenton Williams