Huge traffic build up as DHB repairs begin


THE Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) traffic build-up caused quite a stir among commuters and motorists as the flow of traffic was reduced to just one lane as a result of current repairs to the bridge which began yesterday. An official who spoke with this publication stated that repairs are being done to the bridge and that the ramp at the retraction span is being changed.
The repairs will take approximately six more days and is to return to normal by May 6. In the meantime, the work needs to be done as that part of the bridge is badly in need of repairs.
But drivers and regular users of the bridge complained about the slow movement of the line of vehicles.
The commuters voiced their concerns about the continuation of the repairs as it relates to their day to day activity and their morning errands across the bridge.
One of the concerns expressed by many persons is in relation to cases of emergency, depending on which lane of traffic is moving on the bridge, there may be a problem getting over especially if the emergency vehicle (fire truck or ambulance) is on the stagnant side of traffic.
The management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge said it sincerely apologizes for any inconveniences caused. ( Savitri Laikram)