The Berbice River Bridge


Stretching across the river from the East to the West Bank,
There’s a monument our pride and joy, the government to thank.
As it has made a vast improvement on all Berbicians’ lives,
Since it strengthens our link with the capital, whether business or family ties.

No more long lines to get on the boat, no bribes we have to pay,
When we travel in the morning we’re back before the end of day.
Our produce from the farmlands- our farmers’ daily toil,
Will get to their final destination with very little to spoil.

We know the toll we have to pay we think it is too high,
But we hope as time goes by the cost will be reduced by and by.
The time of opening everyday we view it as a must,
And day by day as life goes on we will certainly adjust.

At night when all the lights are on it’s a beauty to behold,
It has changed our lives tremendously a lift from days of old.
Our Berbice hospitality the loyal staff daily pledge,
At this truly remarkable landmark- the Berbice River Bridge