Joint Services ranks on course to better achieve


HOME Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said yesterday that the Government continues to invest significant sums of money to ensure that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and other Joint Services are better able to achieve their mandate. Speaking at the ceremony to acknowledge GPF Junior Officers’ Course Number 20, at Eve Leary, Kingston, Georgetown, he alluded to the benefits of such training and the Citizens Security Programme (CSP) components which the Force has, so far, received.

Mr. Rohee said the CSP training is geared to improve the image of the Force by way of transformation and, in turn, provide a better service to protect the community.

“This course is not routine but has areas listed in the training module which will better equip junior officers at the end,” he remarked.

Rohee said the GPF has made the right decision to publicise the event from which the media will be informed of the many things it has been doing in its efforts to provide a better quality of service to the public.

He said he observed that some sections of the media continue to highlight the GPF in a negative way, notwithstanding its efforts towards improving its professionalism and image by way of training.

Rohee said courses of the nature forge closer relations with members of the Disciplined Services and he hopes the Junior Officers’ Course will, one day, invite overseas counterparts as in the past.

He said the Ministry of Home Affairs supports training for the GPF.
Police Commissioner Henry Greene, who introduced Rohee, said the Junior Officers’ Course was inaugurated in 1976, to facilitate training of identified officers for  leadership positions.
Mr. Greene said the course is vital for the junior ranks because they are expected to perform in a certain way, both with knowledge and attitude.
The Top Cop charged the participants to recognise how much more they need to know and develop an attitude where they thirst for learning.
He said the objectives of the course is enshrined in the GPF mandate and spoke of several other courses from which many benefitted.
Greene also considers it important for the core of the GPF middle managers who, since 1976, have, indeed, changed with inputs from University of Guyana (UG).
He encouraged ranks to pursue higher education at UG but admonished the participants in the current course that it is not a holiday.
Greene challenged them to study, upgrade themselves, not take their training lightly and do their best in order to see significant success.
The function yesterday, at Police Officers’ Mess Annexe, Eve Leary, follows the completion of three weeks at UG, where the first module was rolled out.
The remaining nine weeks will be conducted at Felix Austin College, Eve Leary and, in its outline, Assistant Superintendent M. Sutton said the course has a dual purpose to improve the performance of those taking part and prepare them for senior posts.
Head of the UG School of Professional Development, Mr. D. Boston told the trainees that, for them to get something out of the course, they first need to put in something.
He said it is designed to mould, motivate and empower them to become leaders for the common goal of their organisations.
Boston urged the participants to develop interpersonal relations, manage stress on the job, understand their vision and inspire others by way of becoming great leaders.
He also recommended that they complement the learning process with reading and interaction.
Twenty-three ranks of the GPF, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Guyana Prison Service (GPS), Guyana Fire Service (GFS) and the City Constabulary are participating in the twelve weeks course.
The stated objectives of the training are to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitude that will allow them to understand their role as junior managers and develop their managerial and operational capabilities in order to enable them to perform at a consistently high standard.