The usual suspects themselves need psychiatric treatment

ANYONE who is a movie fan has his/her favourite scenes. I was pretty young in the 1960s when I saw the James Bond thriller, “From Russia with Love.” On a train, the Specter agent captures Bond, and says he has a foolproof story of Bond’s death after he kills him.

A letter would be released to the public in which a jealous Bond kills a Russian spy that he fell in love with, then, commits suicide. A subdued Bond with unlimited contempt in his eyes said these words to the Specter agent: “Tell me, which lunatic asylum, they got you out of?” The agent became livid.
I like that question and I have always used it since that time because it best describes the school of lunatics that politics have produced in this country, and it is the fitting description of the usual suspects (TUS) since the five months of elections were over and TUS rejected the return of the PPP in power.
TUS have resorted to a newspaper letter every month with ‘nuff’ signatures from the incestuous circle ridiculing, chastising, condemning and hating the ruling party. I need to point out to readers that TUS is part of MCC (Mulatto Creole Class) that I am currently doing a series on as part of my daily columns.

If you think you have seen the pathological hatred TUS has for the government, then the latest outburst is beyond imagination. TUS wants the teenager accused by the police of killing 19 students plus a little boy to be charged with arson and not the capital offence.
Murder is a heinous crime especially when it is mass murder. It carries life imprisonment or the death penalty. Can any sane person in this world explain this diseased asininity of someone charged for setting a fire that killed 20 youthful kids, but the charge for that offence must be arson not mass murder? An allegedly bad-behaved student is alleged to have become angry on being disciplined and set a fire. How did TUS arrive at arson prosecution and not the capital offence? Because a lawyer TUS know told them that. There are two questions here – one to the lawyer; the other to TUS.

What was the lawyer thinking when he/she told TUS that? And what was TUS thinking when they published that sickening advice? We have the largest number of lawyers in the Caribbean, per capita, that is. This was brought out in a study done by the University of the West Indies.
The nation awaits the analyses of these lawyers on the issue of if a person should be charged with arson or murder when that person is accused by the police of setting fire to a building that led to the burning death of 20 lives.
No one should waste their time going to Google to search for 14 year old children and 15 year old teenagers who have robbed and killed people and have been put on trial for murder. If you do the Google search, you will see the United States lead other countries by billions of miles. Teenagers in the same age group of the Mahdia accused have killed their parents
Now here is the interesting part of the asininity and mental ugliness of TUS. They are urging psychiatric assessment for the alleged killer. But how did they arrive at that judgement without either a report from the police or physical interview of the accused by TUS themselves?

In most countries, particularly India, Pakistan and the United States, if a group of prominent citizens had done what TUS have asserted, they would have opened up themselves to harm. They would have been protesting outside their homes and offices by the relatives of the victims and members of the general public. There would have been threats originating from social media.
The curious question is what will be the reaction of the relatives of the victims? Speaking for myself, if there is a picket/protest against the unjustified mouthing off of TUS, then I will join it. If it is being arranged, then please contact me at 614-5927 and my email is
I have known some members of TUS and this I can testify to – some of them need psychiatric evaluation themselves. The laws of libel prevent me from describing and analysing what I know of this unacceptable cabal. I mean it literally when I say some do need psychological help.
The attitude of TUS from March 2020 to the present time is driven, fuelled and fed by implacable hatred for the PPP. But really man! To use the Mahdia tragedy is descent into insanity. I would like to hear how Charrandass feels about TUS take on Mahdia.

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