Mahdia Fire: Two sets of evil people

IN my first column for the Chronicle which began last Monday, I began to look at the intention of the elite mulatto/Creole class to undermine the PPP government in what they perceive as permanent Indian rule in Guyana.
In Monday’s column, I traced the evolution of this class and had intended to conclude it the next day, but the Mahdia inferno took priority. I will likely conclude Monday’s offering on Sunday. For now, I look at another angle of the painful Mahdia tragedy.
In this piece I will look at two sets of evil people that I believe are truly mentally cruel people who have no redemptiveness about them. I believe modern society in the world, not only in Guyana, should ostracize these people as an act of respect for civilized life.
The first are those horrible elites of Guyanese extraction who live luxuriously in other countries benefitting from the fossil fuel industry where they live yet want Guyana to shut down the oil industry on the ugly claim that Guyana must help save the climate integrity of the world.

In a forthcoming column, I will write more on this dangerous species as I have done in previous columns elsewhere. For now, I look at another set of evil humans. Last Monday, on the Freddie Kissoon/Gildarie show we had a call-in programme devoted to the deaths of the schoolchildren.

A number of callers informed us that two members of the lunatic fringe based in New York and who are never coming back to Guyana, used the loss of lives at Mahdia to score political points.

I am not going to name them for a simple reason that is pregnant with filth. I just started writing for this newspaper and I don’t want to push it into the bosom of sick people who just want publicity so they can sue for just the mentioning of their names. I will look at their Facebook posts and name them in subsequent columns. But these people are so depraved that even if you quote what they say, they will sue.

But these are two members of the lunatic fringe to whom decent people pay no attention. Of the other names cited on the show, one is a member of the National Assembly, who belonged to the Alliance For Change. The other is a former Member of Parliament for the PNC who sits on the c Central Committee of the PNC and represents the PNC in Region Three.

Here is the story of Mahdia that could happen in any country on Planet Earth; worse tragedies have happened elsewhere in other countries. A student in a dormitory was enraged because she was disciplined for loose conduct. She lit a fire and it spread and consumed the dormitory killing 19 kids with a few being treated for serious burns.

What could be the connection between that act of arson and the rule of the government? How can any sane mind blame the government for an act of a human that shows how flawed is homo sapiens? Only one type of psychology could be at work here – an evil mind.

Let us leave out the two members of the lunatic fringe, both of whom have children, parents, family members and friends that have to be ashamed of them. How could two high-ranking members of the opposition use the death of 19 kids who lost their lives in a terrible tragedy to score political points?

What kind of humans are these people? Are they civilized? More importantly, what are their leaders going to tell the nation about the utterances of the misfits among their midst?

My point is, if the leaders of the PNC and AFC cannot expel these misfits then what kind of humans are they themselves? I have not used the word, “expel” lightly. In my column yesterday, I listed the Mahdia arson as the third deepest tragedy in modern Guyana. For a list of my six worst tragedies, see my column yesterday.

How can society tolerate and accept two practising politicians that show no conscience and reveal that they are evil people who would use the most painful tragedies to further their narrow political interests?

Every human would understand opposition members beating up on government over police brutality; GPL defects that cause terrible fires; GWI faults that flooded out an entire village and things like those. These are the things opposition parties are good at and citizens show sympathy for their causes.

But to use the deaths of 19 kids in a fire deliberately set by one of their friends and blame the government is simply an act of evil. Such humans do not belong in this world.

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