The women of Hubu

Relentless in their pursuit to keep a happy home

MAJDALINE John is originally from the Pomeroon River, Region One (Barima-Waini) but relocated to Hubu Village, East Bank Essequibo to find ‘greener pastures’.

The mother of seven told the Pepperpot Magazine that they used to live at Zeelugt for some time but were forced to leave because the burden of rent was weighing heavily on them.

They ended up at Hubu, constructed a small makeshift wooden cottage, and settled there three years ago.

The 26-year-old stated that her husband works in the neighbourhood as a labourer, carpenter/mason and fisherman and does whichever job he gets.

John explained that five of their seven children are going to school at St. Lawrence, the nearby village, and she is a stay-at-home mother.

“Living here is not of the best because we lack the basic facilities, but at least my husband doesn’t have to leave the village for work. It is convenient,” she said.

John said they would store rain water to drink and use the river water for chores and have a small solar for light.

Juliet Domingo
Juliet Domingo is the mother of two and a housewife and she would usually be at home alone because her husband is away in the back dam working, but she isn’t afraid since the people look out for her and there is no crime there.

It has been three months now since she moved from Pomeroon River to Hubu Village, East Bank Essequibo, and she has a small makeshift wooden cottage that she says is sufficient for them.

Domingo reported that her husband has lived on the dam for 10 years.

“Life is fair here and we are comfortable and if this place gets regularised, we will enjoy a better life,” she said.

Amanda Persaud, the taxi driver/beautician
Amanda Persaud, better known as Kathy, is a Hubu Village, East Bank Essequibo resident and the dam’s second-longest villager.

She, her husband, and son occupy the first lot on the dam just near the main access road and she has been living there for the past 13 years.

Persaud reported that her husband is a taxi driver/construction worker.

“My son is attending Blake Primary School and he is being prepped for Common Entrance next year so relocating and moving him from school is simply not good,” she said.

“I would try and do whatever work I get, even visiting the homes of my customers to do their hair and nails and when that is not happening, I would take the car and do some taxi work,” she said.

The 31-year-old stated that she would do all the emergencies, even late at night, to take expectant mothers to the hospital to deliver their babies and people with other medical crises.

Persaud told the Pepperpot Magazine that Hubu Village is a safe place to live and it is basically crime-free, and the neighbours are like-minded people who work honestly to earn.

Persaud added that for her work is within the Hubu Koker and surrounding villages.

She is well-known and is originally from St. Lawrence and following marriage, she wanted to be on her own and not live with family.

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