Family-oriented ‘green’ spaces promote community wellness
The sign for the One Guyana Recreational Park was officially unveiled by the First Family on Friday
The sign for the One Guyana Recreational Park was officially unveiled by the First Family on Friday

–President Ali says as beautification project reaches New Amsterdam
–WiFi among special features to be installed

WITH the government forging ahead with its plans to create more family-oriented ‘green’ spaces across the country, President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Friday commissioned the One Guyana Recreational Park in New Amsterdam, Berbice.

The Head-of-State, while addressing a large gathering of residents, students and regional officials said the project was significant, given its importance in fostering family development, social cohesion, mental health development and physical health.

He emphasised that the government intends to promote development through community projects that will foster a change in society.

“It’s not only the transformation of roads, education and health [or] drainage that will make us a great country; it is the transformation of our mind, the transformation of our thinking, the transformation of our behaviour, the transformation as a community and as a people and these are the small essential projects that aid the human transformation,” he said.

Children enjoying the play area at the new recreational park

The construction of the park is a part of a countrywide initiative that is being rolled out by First Lady Arya Ali, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works.

“We want to build the community spirit. As you come out as people in the community, and you sit together and talk to each other, you will be counselling each other indirectly. You will be sharing challenges [and] experiences; you will be able to know your neighbours, and that is what we want,” President Ali said.

He warned that the space should not be abused by loiterers.

“This space is meant to be treated with respect; it is a family-oriented space. This is not a space for abuse, liming and all the other types of activity that does not come with a family-oriented space. This is not a rum-shop or a beer garden,” he said sternly.

The facility consists of a walkway, parking lot, gazebos, benches, washroom facilities, and lights, and will soon be equipped with Internet connection and a stage to host cultural activities.

President Ali delivering remarks at the commissioning ceremony on Friday (DPI photos)

“We want to equip this facility with WIFI, so that you can come with your children, they can sit, and they can come and do their homework. We want this facility not be abused, too. This is not a facility for people to come and have free texting time; this is a facility to support our young people to support their dream,” President Ali said, adding:
“I want the schools to use this facility; bring your children here once every week to have open-air learning. Let them have a fresh environment; bring them to do psychical education.”

The president revealed that safety measures, including the presence of police ranks, will be added to the facility.

“Narrowly, someone would say this is just a park, but that is not it. This is far more than that, and we have to optimise the value,” he said.

The facility will be maintained by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and community officials and will see the value of properties in the area increasing.

Similar projects have been rolled at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara (WCD), and at the Kingston Seawall.


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