Through the eyes of a Guyanese painter
Nickeda Charles and her work
Nickeda Charles and her work

-Self-taught artist shines at Women Expo

“Let your art speak for itself” are the words that can be used to describe the creative endeavours of vibrant artist and entrepreneur, Nickeda Charles.

Last week, the Pepperpot Magazine visited the Women in Business Exhibition and Health Fair, which allowed women from all walks of life to showcase their talent.
While many talented individuals were at the exhibition, 25-year-old Nickeda Charles grabbed the attention of many with her art.

The young artist revealed in an exclusive interview with this publication that although she has been honing her craft since 2017 and has taken on a few commissions, this was her first time actively promoting her brand in that way.

When questioned why she decided to participate in the exhibition, Charles admitted that she adored painting and that while working as a freelancer, clients would frequently approach her with challenging requests, which put her to the test, but she was able to execute. So, with the motivating words, “let me go and give it a try” the young artist set forth on a new journey.

The young artist did not let the fact that the event was in a totally unfamiliar environment discourage her because she had her mother’s support.

At first, she felt slightly anxious, but as people paused to compliment her art pieces, she gradually became more relaxed.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” perfectly sums up her experience. She further noted that many people adored some of her artwork that she considered being less than her finest. Charles continued, explaining how thrilled she was at the time, stating, “some people didn’t believe that I painted the art myself.”

The art behind the artist
Hailing from Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, Charles moved with her family to Diamond, East Bank Demerara, when she was just 12 years old. The young painter expressed that she had been influenced by her surroundings.

Charles also added that she originally began drawing because she lacked access to the necessary painting tools. However, after doing some research, she was able to locate stores that sold painting materials. The young artist also mentioned that she began watching YouTube painting tutorials before exploring the subject further to discover her true calling.

Among other things, she and her family did not have certain privileges growing up in the countryside, but this inspired the young painter to take the time to observe the world around her. Thus, she was able to put paint on canvas and depict her point of view on life by drawing inspiration from her home and some from old movies.

One of Charles’ paintings, which has a deeper significance, depicts a young girl with tears streaming down her cheeks and a mask tightly covering her face. She said, “when COVID hit, we believed that was the end of everything.”

The painting sprung from her noticing a little girl in her church weeping because she was tired of wearing a mask but had no choice. The young artist said that while she consoled the girl, she also captured the sorrowful moment by drawing an oasis of hope in a bleak situation.

She then discussed some of her artistic influences. The young artist displayed a few artworks at the exhibition that showed musicians in action; she claimed that her love for music inspired this.

In addition to being surrounded by musicians growing up, she explained that music is “another way for me to escape and connect with good vibes.” Charles also noted that she frequently illustrates older bands in her work because they do not attract as much notice as before.

The rising star further explained that there are not ample opportunities in Guyana for aspiring artists, so she hopes to open her own art school.


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