Self-service laundromat opened on Mandela Avenue

WANTING to cater to those who struggle to wash during the rainy season, Cowen Gittens, an Environmental Health Assistant at the Ministry of Health, recently opened a self-service laundromat.

During an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Gittens said that Clothesline Laundry Services’ was birthed after he and his wife were able to wash and dry their clothes on a rainy day.

Gittens, who also owns Affordable House Plan, an architectural design company, noted that while they had a washer at home, they had no means of drying the clothes they had washed on a Sunday.

That led to their search for a laundromat that could fulfill that urgent need.

Since it was a Sunday, finding an open laundromat was challenging, but when they found one, they were told they would have to return seven to ten days later to collect their clothes, which was “a bit strange and ridiculous” to them.

They then decided on their drive back home that they would get into the laundry business.

Gittens explained that seeing that persons who use laundromat services either do not have the time or the facilities to wash their own clothing, they wanted to make it easier for them to do so.

‘Clothesline’ offers same-day services, meaning that within 24 hours, customers can get their clothes back, washed and dried, or, they can use the company’s facilities to wash and dry their clothes themselves, or just dry them.

Inside the laundromat

Aside from the laundromat service, Gittens also has a passion for architectural design. He related that he has a love for giving people the opportunity to explore different kinds of house designs.

“We know we are going into an oil age, and I know that persons have ideas or their own dream home, and they might see something on Pinterest and they want to have that same building rendered, or a similar plan, so I give persons the opportunity,” he said.

Gittens noted that in Guyana, most times persons may have “a one-track mind”, which may be a regular house plan. He said what he has to offer can be non-traditional, within their budget, and close to their dream house.

While he has plans to expand both businesses, he plans on starting a franchise for the laundromat, depending on the current one’s success.

“Based on the success level, I can know how soon to open one on the West Bank, in Linden and Berbice,” he related.

He noted that they have been open for two weeks, and are so far having a great turnout. They are also looking to give those persons outside of Georgetown the experience of a self-service laundromat, as well as the opportunity to utilise it.

Gittens shared that he did not expect the business to be so successful, because of the other laundromat competitors.

“How we are set up, you can literally just come in and see how your clothes are being treated; you can come in and use the facilities,” he said.

He explained that because the machines only use high-efficiency detergents, such as Downy or Tide, if a customer comes without their own, they offer it at an affordable price.

‘Clothesline’ is located at 667 Mandela Avenue. The staff can be contacted on 503-2982, 610-4085, or @clotheslinegy on Instagram and Facebook.

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