$12B set aside for development of Region Two communities
President, Dr. Irfaan Ali listens as one of the land title recipients commends the government for the work done so far
President, Dr. Irfaan Ali listens as one of the land title recipients commends the government for the work done so far

–over $200M to be spent on regularisation of Charity squatting area
–27 persons receive certificates of title, 33 more to benefit by Monday, following visit by President Ali

THE government has allocated in excess of $12 billion towards the regularisation and development of a number of communities across Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).
Of that amount, some $200 million will be allocated towards the regularisation of the Charity squatting area.

In his address to informal settlers at Charity on Saturday, President, Dr. Irfaan Ali said 60 persons living in the area will receive their certificates of title and will be able to use it to further enhance their lives.

President Ali said that the Ministry of Housing and Water and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) worked diligently to process the titles within four days.
The Ministry of Housing and Water, through the CH&PA, was able to process 60 land tiles and also complete the layout and design for 2.5 kilometres of road and 40-foot-long concrete bridge linking Charity to an adjoining community.

President, Dr. Irfaan Ali said 60 persons living in the Charity squatting area will receive their certificates of title and will be able to use same to further enhance their lives

Dr. Ali told persons gathered that an assessment was conducted, and 226 lots were identified for regularisation. Further, out of the 226 lots, 123 have been identified as lots that could be regularised immediately.

Of the 123 squatters, 27 have already paid up their fees while 33 will receive their titles on Monday. The remaining 63 persons will have to sign up and start the process.
“Outside of that, we will be spending $20 million to bring water to the community and another $20 million to expand electricity for the regularised area… this is how this government delivers to you,” President Ali said.

He added that an investment of $200 million will remain in the community, and it will bring great relief to the hundreds of residents.
“We have already engaged the banks… the banks will come here within your community and they will sit within your community and approve your loans… that is why we have negotiated a special low-interest rate… we want you to improve your homes” President Ali said.

He added that once they are qualified for the loans, they will also qualify for additional benefits such as the steel and cement subsidy that the government is offering.
Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, said that the ministry acted on the President’s instructions to regularise the area.
She expressed happiness that the process has made significant headway and persons have started receiving their titles. This, she related, is in keeping with President Ali’s “One Guyana” initiative to provide for every Guyanese irrespective of race.

Persons who benefitted from the process and were able to receive their titles, expressed great excitement and contentment.
One such person was Antonio Feanxia Gonsalves, who said that he was waiting for that moment for years and he was happy that he could access a loan, and move closer to formal homeownership.

Another beneficiary, Mohan Singh, said that he had been living in the area for over 10 years and was very happy to be receiving his title. He thanked President Ali and his government for their timely intervention, which was a clear indication of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration’s intention to ensure there is widespread development.

“The narrative that some people push at the national level is as far away from the reality and you know this. We have to reject that. I’ve already said that we are not going to be divided by race or anything in this country. You must bury it and those who continue to push it and use it as a mobilisation tool,” Dr. Ali said.

Development in Region Two, for instance, would be far-reaching and inclusive. To this end, two call centres will be constructed; one in Charity, and one in Suddie. This, President Ali said, will bring 300 jobs to the communities.

“We expect that you will become trained, you will enroll in the programme, so that you can help to improve the disposable income of your families, with those call centres,” Dr. Ali said.
Further, $4 billion is also earmarked for the construction of a brand-new water treatment plant.

Outside of all of that, the government has identified 251 roads that have to be done in Region Two. Those roads total some 55 kilometres in length.
Other projects slated for the region include the construction of a $700 million pump station to help alleviate flooding during the rainy season. Dredges and pumps will also be placed at the mouth of the Pomeroon River towards that cause.

A brand-new hospital of international standard will also be constructed opposite the Lima pump station.
The President committed as well to assisting farmers with 10 acres of land and the raising of their planting beds to avoid them being water-logged.

“This is what is going on in every single region. Investing in the lives of people, investing in communities, investing in infrastructure, investing in improving the lives of people. That is what we are about,” President Ali said.


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