Unifying Victory
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THE Guyana Amazon Warriors ended a streak of defeat in fine style on Wednesday evening, when they reigned supreme over the Jamaica Tallawahs in front of a vibrant, enthusiastic crowd at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

Energised and revived by the roaring chants of thousands of fans from all walks of life, the “local boys” were able to march to victory and maintain a chance of making it to the playoffs and even securing the title this year.

The task at hand is obviously no easy one, as the competing teams are well equipped with talented players who are hungry for victory, but, with the spirit of cricket well alive in Guyana, the warriors could rest assured that for the remaining games, there will always be a unified crowd cheering for them until the last ball is bowled.

Resounding support is guaranteed since Guyana, this season, is hosting seven group games, three knockout matches and, for the first time, the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) final, which will take place at the national stadium on Friday, September 30, 2022.

To add to the exuberance that often accompanies cricket in Guyana, the government has introduced a new concept, Cricket Carnival, which is showcasing the music, food and culture of this vibrant and fascinating country.

One thing that is also demonstrated amidst the celebrations is the unity among Guyanese that is derived from periods of festivity and, in this case, the evolution of cricket.

Whether rain or sun, Guyanese have proven themselves a patriotic population that converges to support their national teams and celebrate national events/holidays.

Cricket, especially, has been a magnet for persons from all walks of life, dating back to even the 1980’s/1990’s, when persons filled the stands at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) to see West Indies take on teams from across the world.

Time has progressed but the unity stimulated by cricket has not changed. In fact, it has gotten even stronger, as persons not only unite physically, but also virtually across social media to share their views and express support for their beloved team(s).

“Cricket is much more than a game for us in Guyana, it is a passion, part of our culture and a unifying force,” President, Dr. Irfaan Ali had said at the launch of CPL 2022.

Persons who are unable to secure a seat at the stadium to witness the live action, gather at bars, community grounds, their neighbour’s houses and other places to watch and support their teams. In those moments, unity is at its peak, as persons, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, creed or political preference, share a fist bump, a high five or even cheers to celebrate a wicket or a boundary.

The togetherness witnessed at times like these is what President Ali hopes to foster throughout the year with his “One Guyana” initiative.

The President, since being elected to office, has propagated a message of unity with the hope that every Guyanese would come together to end racial discrimination and work to develop Guyana under a common love for country.

“An essential part of my government is inclusion. Stop being defined by race; stop being defined by politics. Start being defined by our one nationality and by our common love for our one country. Let us lift it up together and by doing so, let us lift each other and ourselves: One people, One nation, One destiny,” President Ali said during his inaugural address to the 12th Parliament in February, 2021.

Just as a victory for the Guyana Amazon Warriors would be unifying, the hope is that one day Guyana could celebrate the victory of having a unified population that only seeks to uplift each other and work in unison for the betterment of the country.

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