APNU+AFC bankrupt of ideas, solutions for modern Guyana
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Dear Editor,
THE Government of Guyana under the leadership of His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, continues the transformational development agenda for all Guyanese.
This is so despite the continued destructive attempts and open racial manoeuvres of the APNU+AFC opposition, the accused architects of the corrupt plot to hijack the March 2020 Regional and General Elections.
Two years ago Guyanese via legitimate balloting, rejected the oppressive and corrupt APNU+AFC regime that in four short years plunged the economy into disrepair, eroded investor confidence, sullied Guyana’s image globally and emptied the treasury in a scheme to enrich their cabal under party paramountcy, supported by burdensome taxation policies on the backs of Guyanese.
Instead of truly representing their constituents through dialogue and consultation as encouraged by the President Ali administration, the APNU+AFC has extended their legacy of lawlessness by resorting to chaos and assaults upon democratic institutions.
Almost daily, the APNU+AFC openly engages in racial hysteria and unpatriotic actions through forces within a coalition that is on the brink of separation, all part of a calculated effort to mask their cumbersome leadership that is bankrupt of ideas and solutions to build a modern Guyana.
Their rally held on August 2, 2022, in the heart of their traditional stronghold, Georgetown, failed to galvanize their base, based on the numbers in attendance and further demonstrates that Guyanese continue to reject the coalition’s agenda because they do not wish the return to the dark days of the PNC.
There is no plan by the APNU+AFC to present to their constituents and the wider Guyanese public, yet they can spend hours at a rally shamefully defending a decision by the Leader of the Opposition who refused to shake President’s Ali’s hand during Emancipation Day celebrations in New Amsterdam, Berbice.
The fact remains that President Ali continues to herald the return of democratic rule through an inclusive pathway of prosperity for all Guyanese.
Government has committed to a progressive future that is bolstered by peace, prudent management of our natural resources, economic stability, respect for the rule of law, and where the rights of all citizens are guaranteed.
The PPP/C administration has repaired Guyana’s image globally as a welcoming destination for investors, strengthened democratic institutions, secured Guyana’s sovereignty while preparing citizens for new opportunities in the economy, and protecting Guyanese businesses in the oil-and-gas sector to ensure that locals benefit foremost from the available resources.
Upon the assumption of government, the PPP/C removed over 200 punitive taxes foisted upon Guyanese by the APNU+AFC administration, and instead implemented a range of measures to provide relief for residents, due to the increase in prices for goods and services globally.
Despite the global challenges, more Guyanese are owning homes and accessing lands for development through an aggressive approach to housing and business development.
This vision is unfolding in changes to the physical landscape of our country, which continues to develop at a rapid pace due to renewed private-sector confidence in our economy.
Several hotels are under construction which will create jobs for Guyanese during the construction phase, and upon completion.
Government is ensuring that all Guyanese can participate in the economy. The Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL)—government’s flagship, free online scholarship initiative—is one such avenue available for educational development.
An openness to dialogue with stakeholders at home and with international partners abroad is a hallmark of the PPP/C administration.
There are those who continue to demonstrate a lack of political maturity in this new dispensation that requires a commitment to democratic governance shaped, in part, by meaningful dialogue and consultation.
These forces remain committed to the failed politics of using race as their platform to divide, instead of offering constructive ideas to develop a future for all Guyanese.
The government would not be distracted by those who have embraced obstructionism to the detriment of Guyanese achieving their full potential.
The PPP/C administration has demonstrated its willingness to work with all Guyanese by engaging with communities and villages across Guyana through Cabinet outreaches.
This is an inclusive government at work. Feedback from residents at these community meetings is helping to define policies, prioritise projects and is shaping a new participatory approach on how government responds to the needs of its citizen.
President Ali is leading the transformational development of Guyana where no Guyanese will be left out, none will be overlooked, and none will be abandoned under the ‘One Guyana’ approach.

Yours sincerely,
Kwame McCoy
Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for public affairs

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