Afro-Guyanese wise up
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GUYANA is rapidly developing, and modernising at an unprecedented rate, changing the lives of thousands of people regardless of their race, religious or political affiliation, and socioeconomic standing.
The truth is, all the people are slowly benefitting, but benefitting nonetheless from every transparent and pro-people policy that is rolled out by the current Dr. Irfaan Ali Administration.

On Thursday, July 21, 2022, it was reported on the online news media that the Dr. Ali administration had been meeting with residents of both the PPP and APNU+AFC traditional strongholds.
It was also reported that Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton has on a number of occasions pledged to engage the Indo-Guyanese community here, but, so far, those activities have not been visible compared to the coalition’s activism in its traditional strongholds.

There is only one explanation for Norton’s behaviour to the people who are considered Afro-Guyanese.
Norton seemingly is playing the dangerous game of racial traditional politics in this country.

It looks like he is seeking to hold on to whatever grip his party has over the minds of Afro-Guyanese, to make it appear as though he still has some sort of political power left.
So, he will not venture into the PPP strongholds or keep a meeting because he knows the residents would chase him out. They know what he, and his party stands for.
They seemingly know that Norton will complain about things in the country but offer no sensible or workable solutions.

Norton’s street style and off-school politics of ethnic pandering will not score points with the Indo-Guyanese majority that have long put that away.
That leaves the Afro-Guyanese group, and here he is seemingly being met with challenges because every right-thinking Guyanese knows the saying: “This time nah long time.”
So, while they voted for him, they did not vote for an Opposition Leader who would take Afro-Guyanese so far back into the past.

Understandably, Norton and the APNU+AFC did not expect the PPP/C to mature, and become so bold in the APNU+AFC’s stronghold by going to places, talking up its policies, and sharing the goods and services to all.
The PPP/C’s action in places like APNU+AFC’s perceived stronghold of Buxton, Soesdyke, Linden and little Africa, Berbice, is a problem for the Opposition.

But this simply means that PPP/C is changing, and crossing over. It is doing the hard but rightful thing by becoming a party for all Guyanese. It is modernising and learning now more than ever before. It is continuing along the path of having an authentic political paradigm shift.

Importantly, the PPP/C party knows if it is to survive at this crossroad, the ethnic approach to politics in Guyana has to change. So, the party, since its establishment, has managed to attract some intelligent, grassroots and worker-orientated Afro-Guyanese leaders.

Now, years after, the PPP party is seemingly aggressively putting in the hard work.
While Norton is seemingly only using, and misusing the trust of Afro-Guyanese who blindly support him, the PPP/C has been doing more for Afro-Guyanese from the standpoint of empowerment and helping the poorer classes climb out of poverty.

Sadly, some sections of the Afro-Guyanese community wants more development to get out of the black hole that seemingly keeps them back.
This is the problem with the politics of Norton and the political opposition. They prefer for their supporters, many of them Afro-Guyanese, to be suffering and caught in unfortunate situations. The PNC-APNU+AFC will not change the dynamics. They seemingly want to keep some of their supporters mentally enslaved and locked by racism.

Apparently, they are happy when they are heard spewing all types of questionable rhetoric about discrimination.
From the looks of it, the party does not want its Afro-Guyanese supporters to think critically and analytically, but the youths are rebelling.

Afro-youths do not like the idea of racial politics or violence being meted out to innocent Guyanese, so they are going to reject that warmongering nature of the PNC-APNU+AFC every time.
Furthermore, the Afro-Guyanese youths are peace-loving, orderly, and much more enlightened and intelligent. They will not allow themselves to be used for the opposition political politics.

Afro-Guyanese know what will happen if they do because it happened when they helped APNU+AFC win in 2015. They got nothing in 1,910 days and 272 weeks six days, the APNU+AFC administration was in power.
Painting everything green and yellow is not their idea of Afro-Guyanese empowerment, creating employment, and helping the youths.

Additionally, right-thinking Afro-Guyanese are encouraged to take advantage of every loan and opportunity to empower themselves.
They must meet the PPP government ministers and enlighten them about the things they need done to help the village economies and bring development to their neck of the woods.
They will be called many things like sell out and house slaves, but they will lead their families into the new era and out of the opposition-induced darkness. Wise up cause this time not like long time!

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