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FROM day one, the current government has risen to the task to combat all the obstacles and difficulties they faced with a positive and relentless approach, despite all the negativities and opposition they encountered daily.

Facing COVID-19 and all its repercussions, crime was rampant, unemployment was hurting the nation, there was economic stagnation, Guyanese were critical of many issues and the management of many agencies, cost of living was sky rocketing, taxation was extremely high, production was on a steep curve, reserves at the Bank of Guyana was disastrously dwindling, salaries were inadequate and many overnight non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were extending an unwelcome hand to the new and young government.

To add injury to insult, the APNU+AFC Government had signed onto a lop-sided oil contract which locked in Guyana with the worst agreement and the lowest financial returns. In addition, secrecy and non-transparency was paramount to the interest of Guyanese.

From their brazen attempt to rig the last general election, the whole world was privy to all their illegitimate transactions. Under David Granger’s leadership, their administration held the country at ransom for five months and they only demitted office after being sanctioned by the American Government and ordered to step aside.

Guyanese were also made a laughing stock when Granger and his team failed to comprehend what the half of 65 represents when determining the outcome of the vote of no-confidence in parliament. Guyanese pride was further shattered when the then APNU+AFC Government went to the Caribbean Court of Justice three times to challenge legal issues and lost.
That was then, fast forward to now.

The PPP/C Government in February 2022 passed a $552.9 billion budget, Guyana’s largest and most transformational one to date, geared at resuscitating the economy of the country and changing the life of Guyanese with social, physical and mental upliftment from the doldrums of pain, suffering, poverty and sorrow.

The reduction of taxes was the key area responsible to bring immediate relief to the battered Guyanese public along with increases in pensionable benefits and social securities. The compensatory packages for flood relief and the abandoned sugar cane workers who lost their jobs from the closing of the estates by Granger’s government, was a welcoming move.

The country took an upward turn with massive new projects implemented, the construction of various infrastructure and the introduction of many economic policies and programmes by all the ministries. These timely, sensitive and financially sound initiatives brought confidence back to the entire nation because the PPP/C’s manifesto unraveled opportunities for all with an equitable and justified distribution. Perpetually, new investors are coming to invest in Guyana, foreign governments are renewing their co-operation and pledging their help and friendship.

The government is always on the alert and cognisant of the plight of Guyanese. Acquiescing the ever dangerous COVID-19 situation, they have not lost track of the ramifications of the Russian/Ukraine war and its effects on the world, especially here in Guyana. That is why, the President himself and all his ministers are continuously visiting Guyanese in their home ground and participating in their outreach programmes. They are listening to what the man in the street has to say so that they can practically resolve the burning issues at hand, something the last APNU+AFC Government failed to do. Granger and company ignored the Guyanese people and only visited them when was election time to spread their propaganda.

No wonder in the heat of the rising cost of living, the government has once again come to the rescue of Guyanese and announced more relief measures so that Guyanese can further cope with their expenses. Here is a government which sees the need to provide help and work in the true interest of the country and its people. The government is committed to a cause and will never abandon Guyanese or turn its back on them.

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