ExxonMobil National Indoor Hockey Championships…
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Saints - Second Division Winners
Saints - Second Division Winners

Pepsi Hikers, GCC Roultes and saints Sensations win classes

The Pepsi Hikers, GCC Roulettes and Saints Sensations all finished the hockey year on a high with victories in the three divisions of the ExxonMobil National Indoor Hockey Championships, the only local competition for the entire 2021.

The Men’s final showed some promise in the early minutes as, despite Hikers captain, Randy Hope’s early goal in the 3rd minute, Guyana 40s captain, Chris Low equalized five minutes later making the statement that the favourites, Hikers, were in for a genuine fight.

Pepsi Hikers — Mens First Division Winners

As the half progressed, the Hikers scored a pair more by Aroydy Branford and Jason Clarke. As the 40s tired, the Pepsi Hikers would re-emerge after a refreshing half-time and dominate the second half with a string of six unanswered goals. MVP Jamarj Assanah led the charge with five goals of his own to complete the 9-1 victory for the Pepsi Hikers.

Abosaide Cadogan was unstoppable in the women’s final as she led the score sheet with five goals supported by tournament MVP, Leo Berlie, with a double. The GBTI GCC Roulettes were relentless in their goal pursuit and managed a 7-1 victory over the GBTI GCC Spartans. While the Spartans put up a brave fight and the run-of-play was more closely matched than the scoreline, it was the clinical finishing of Cadogan and the high work-rate and skill level of Berlie that separated the teams. Spartans captain Gabriella Xavier connected with a pass from Marzana Fiedkou late in the match to salvage some pride with the lone goal of the match for the Spartans.

GBTI GCC Roulettes – Womens Division Winners

The Garnett brothers, Shomere and Tahrea, managed five of the six goals scored for Saints in their 6 – 2 drubbing of YMCA Old Fort. The final goal of the match was the most memorable moment as Tahrea sprinted up court on the left side, leaving the Old Fort defence in the dust before gently lifting the ball over the advancing goalkeeper, Paul D’Andrade, and into the net.

In the presentation after the conclusion of the three finals, the individual awards were:

Second Division:
Most Promising Player – Federico Cush (GCC Pitbulls)
Best Goalkeeper – Raol Whittaker (Saints)

Women’s Division:
Most Valuable Player – Leo Berlie (GBTI GCC Roulettes)
Best Goalkeeper – Donyale Nurse (Saints)

Men’s Division:
Most Valuable Player – Jamarj Assanah (Pepsi Hikers)
Best Goalkeeper – Anthony Cole (Guyana 40s)

Full Results are as follows:

MALE Division
Final –

Pepsi Hikers defeated Guyana 40s by 9 – 0
Pepsi Hikers (9) – Jamarj Assanah 5, Randy Hope 1, Aroydy Branford 1, Jason Clarke 1, Robert France 1
Guyana 40s (1) – Chris Low-Koan

Pepsi Hikers defeated 50 Not Out by 11 – 0
Pepsi Hikers (11) – Aroydy Branford 4, Andrew Stewart 3, Jamarj Assanah 2, Jason Clarke 1, Shane Samuels 1

Guyana 40s defeated Bounty GCC by 4 – 3
Guyana 40s (4) – Devin Hooper 2, Dwayne Scott 1, Brian Asregado 1
Bounty GCC (3) – Kareem McKenzie 1, Lennox Carrol 1, Kevin Spencer 1

FEMALE Division
Final — GCC Roulettes defeated GCC Spartans by 7 – 1
GCC Roulettes (7) – Abosaide Cadogan 5, Leo Berlie 2
GCC Spartans (1) – Gabriella Xavier 1

GCC Roulettes defeated GCC Ignite by 4 – 1
GCC Roulettes (4) – Abosaide Cadogan 1, Alysa Xavier 1, Leo Berlie 1, Shebiki Baptiste 1
GCC Ignite (1) – Makeda Harding 1

GCC Spartans defeated Saints by 4 – 1
GCC Spartans (4) – Marzana Fiedtkou 2, Gabriella Xavier 1, Madison Fernandes 1
Saints (1) –Nicole Eastman 1

MALE Second Division
Final – Saints Scorpions defeated YMCA Old Fort by 6 – 2
Saints Scorpions (6) – Shomere Garnett 3, Tahrea Garnett 2, Shakeem Fausette 1
YMCA Old Fort (2) – Daniel Woolford 1, Theodore Thierens 1

YMCA Old Fort defeated Hikers Cadets by 5 – 0
YMCA Old Fort (3) – Shaquon Favorite 3
Hikers Cadets (1) – Jason Clarke 1

Saints Scorpions defeated GCC Pitbulls in a penalty shootout after a 2 – 2 draw
Saints Scorpions (2) – Shomere Garnett, Tahrea Garnett 1
GCC Pitbulls (2) – Samuel Woodroffe 1, Meshach Sargeant 1

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