‘Mr. Bollywood’ to drop ‘Ek Chanchal’ today
Anthony Persaud, known as ‘Mr. Bollywood.’
Anthony Persaud, known as ‘Mr. Bollywood.’

MEET Anthony Persaud, well known among Caribbeans in New York as ‘Mr. Bollywood’, a nickname given to him by his fans who recognised and appreciated his passion for Indian filmi music.

Anthony, formerly of Ogle and Industry, East Coast Demerara, migrated to the United States some 23 years ago, and has focused his attention, for the most part, on being a vocalist. He has been singing professionally for the past 20 years in New York and is now ready to drop a new song called ‘Ek Chanchal.’ The actual song releases today, while a full video production will follow.

Speaking virtually with the Buzz, Anthony reflected on how singing at Mandir eventually turned into a full-fledged career. This experience, he observed, gave him the breakthrough he needed and helped him get over his fear of crowds.

His family’s musical background also contributed wholesomely to his musical journey. Also a show and events promoter, Anthony has participated in numerous competitions and won in almost two dozen.

“My first performance in New York was a singing competition for the Indian Arrival Day celebration at Smoky Park, Queens. That’s when I got into the industry and the rest was history,” a smiling Anthony related.

His new song, he said, is a rendition of one of his favourite childhood pieces. “I hear it playing at so many events where people enjoy it, so I think it was an awesome song for me to redo. It’s one of the fun songs I always wanted to get done; freshen it up a bit. It’s pretty much a retake my way,” Anthony shard.

Anthony has been in the music industry for some 20 years now.

So far, Anthony has been ‘remaking’ a number of the Bollywood songs that he loves, but surely, that is not his end game; he has his sights set on writing and producing a piece of his own. “I can’t wait to be able to do this. It’s certainly in the making. I’m excited about it because I am in contact with a few writers from India and good friends in the industry that are willing to push me towards that,” Anthony noted.

His career as a musician also helps Anthony to keep the Indian culture alive, especially among the Indo-Caribbean community. “I know a lot of people have been tailoring their entertainment towards the Chutney side but I feel that Bollywood music takes more towards the cultural side,” he expressed.

Anthony said that he is very proud to know that he can promote such a rich culture in many ways, whether through competition, a live video or dropping a brand-new song.

In fact, Anthony is slated to appear on the ‘Get Real with Shameeza’ show on November 10 from 8 pm to talk about his new song and video.

Overseas-based Guyanese Shameeza Ally, a financial advisor who has also been very active in her community, launched the show earlier this year. It allows for open discussions on a wide range of issues and also features influential and inspiring people and businesses in the US-based West Indian community.

The first guests were former ‘Miss Guyana’ Zara Khan, a survivor of domestic abuse, and Sheffield Shorlane Douglas who discussed human trafficking in Guyana. It has also seen the likes of various artistes in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, the show allows for open discussions on the roles of women in society; it allows them to express their struggles, and suggests ways how they can be supported and uplifted. Ally’s goal is to have both men and women open up about the struggles that prevent them from living their best life.


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