Government shows care for all the children by extending education cash grant to private schools

Dear Editor,
I am very relieved that private schools have been added to the “Because We Care” cash grant roll out, meaning that in terms of bringing a measure of relief to students right across the country’s schools, no one can feel disenfranchised. I mean, whether in a private or government school, these students all belong to the nation, and in all likelihood, will be serving the nation in a few years to come.

As it stands, under the “Because We Care” programme, cash grants totalling $19,000 are given to the parents of each child attending school, to provide support to parents in procuring school supplies. Indeed, as is seen in the press, “The programme enjoys widespread popularity, but was discontinued by the APNU/AFC while they were in office. It has since been reinstated by the PPP/C upon their return to office, and the amount of the grant (has been) increased to a total of $19,000 per student.”

I hope with this kind of input, a concerted effort will be made by all involved, parents and teachers, to keep our students afloat, both educationally and medically, as the COVID-19 pandemic is being fought.

Yours truly,
Attiya Baksh

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