Region Five rejects PNC shutdown call
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Dear Editor,
PLEASE permit me a space in your letter section of your newspapers to say a little on the above.

The PNC and I say PNC because we all know that APNU is PNC and AFC is PNC, had been making some calls to shut down some of the regions and by extension Guyana on the whole for their selfish political purposes and gain.

Their call was to shut down the region on Monday 6 and Monday 13 September, 2021.  They asked the many businesses to shut their doors, public transportation not to work, workers not to turn out for work, etc.

I traversed the entire Region Five, that is from Ithaca to Mahaica and business places were open as usual.  People were at work, public transportation was at work be it private or public sector and teachers were at school, etc.

I deliberately stop in villages that are said to be the stronghold of the PNC, that is Central Mahaicony, Belladrum, No.41, Litchfield, Yeoville, No.30, Hopetown, No.5, Rosignol and Ithaca, almost all of the business places in those villages were open for business.

I can clearly and safely say that even the PNC supporters reject their call to shut down the region.

The entire Region Five rejected the PNC’s call and seems that in and everything onward that is being done or called for by the PNC will be rejected because they only play racism in their politics.

Thank you Region Five for rejecting the PNC’s call.

Yours Sincerely,
Abel Seetaram
Former RDC councilor Region Five

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