Ramayya’s deportment contributed to his zig-zag tenure in office
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Dear Editor,
I AM not in the least shocked or disappointed when I read an article captioned, ‘Ramayya resigns as President’s coordinator in Region Six’. By now everyone should know that this man is smitten with the megalomaniac syndrome and will only be satisfied when he has and can wield that control over people, in this case the Region Six officials.

I could vividly recall that in August 2016 all the media houses reported that, ‘Ramayya resigns as Region Six REO’. I also recall that he resigned two times from the AFC and another caption had read, ‘Ramayya quits AFC again’. If I could recall his threats to resign were numerous and he used those as his bargaining tool. He was given the REO post when he threatened to quit the AFC after the 2015 Elections and I am sure that’s his strategy again. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.

Let’s analyse his resignation as REO in 2016 and the reasons he cited. He claimed that he cannot work with the region’s officials because they are ‘corrupted’, but the facts speak differently. Almost every month at the RDC meeting he was met with ‘no confidence motions’ against him and even his own coalition councillors expressed disappointment with his performance.

Some even said openly that he was not qualified for the job. Inside sources from the AFC said that he detested the fact that he had to report on a weekly basis to the former Prime Minister, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo. He claimed that all his ‘complaints fell on deaf ears’ and he was insulted.

Let’s now look at this resignation from the AFC. He said to the media that, “he got tired” of the way problems reported to senior government officials were handled. He also cited failed promises by the coalition. But the fact was that he was under intense pressure as the REO so he decided to jump ship. He even used his old line that the AFC owed him monies he used during the 2015 campaign trail.

This would have opened up a place for him with the PPP/C and this was exactly what he did close to the 2020 Elections. Having denied the freedom do what he wanted, he sought relevance elsewhere since he was aware that he was one of the most disliked politicians in Region Six. Others would have included his erstwhile colleagues, Nagamootoo and Ramjattan.

Let’s now look at the reasons for his current resignation. It is no secret by now that Ramayya hates to report to anyone whom he deems to be better than. He claims that he has been ‘insulted by a senior government official and was unable to work with regional officials’. This sure rings a bell. In 2016 he had claimed that he was insulted by Nagamootoo and other AFC and regional officials. And once again he had money problems. He claimed that he was not paid since January this year but he was appointed on February 2021. I could recall that Ramjattan had said in 2016 that the AFC did not owe Ramayya a ‘dime’.

Again his shortcoming is highlighted since he did not submit a single report to the Regional Chairman and the Office of the President, contrary to his contract. He never wanted to submit written reports to Nagamootoo. True to form he now cites ‘dirty game’ and ‘too much deceit… and wrongs things being done in the Region’.

I am wondering if Ramayya has evidence of such a ‘dirty game’ and ‘wrong doings’ why does he not provide these to the President or even publicise these? Ramayya always peddled gossips as facts and never tried to ensure the veracity of his source. He swallows everything: ‘hook, line and sinker’. As a man who wants to lead he needs to be able to follow a verification process before he makes his generalised conclusions publicly. He should understand that he cannot go on television and Facebook and lambast his colleagues based on gossip.

There is a protocol involved and he must observe and respect that and cannot act outside of that. He cannot operate on his whims and fancies and make irresponsible statements.
Ramayya hates to be a follower and it is time that he tries running for the presidency. I am wondering if that will quench his insatiable thirst for power.

Yours sincerely,
Alfred Sewchand

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