‘We are a small country, but we can do a lot’
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Business tycoon, Dr. Yesu Persaud doing his bit to save the environment on Saturday to mark World Environment Day 2021 (Delano Williams photo)
Business tycoon, Dr. Yesu Persaud doing his bit to save the environment on Saturday to mark World Environment Day 2021 (Delano Williams photo)

–says Dr. Yesu Persaud at tree-planting event to mark World Environment Day

WORLD Environment Day was observed on Saturday, June 5, 2021, under the theme, ‘Eco-Systems Restoration; Reimagine. Recreate. Restore’. To mark the important occasion, the Indian High Commission (IHC) in Guyana hosted a tree-planting exercise at the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown. The event, spearheaded by Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. K.J.

Srinivasa, was attended by Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat; Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), Mahender Sharma; and local business magnate, Dr. Yesu Persaud.

According to High Commissioner Srinivasa, World Environment Day observances have kick-started the United Nations’ Decade of Eco-Systems Restoration, which seeks to aggressively revive billions of hectares of forest lands.

In emphasising India’s commitment to the environment, Dr. Srinivasa referenced his country’s role in helping Guyana set up solar panels to provide alternative power for 30,000 Guyanese households in several hinterland communities, to the tune of US$10 million.

“With the climate crisis making some irreversible changes to our lives as we know it, World Environment Day is also the time to think about unique, workable solutions that can help in resolving issues, such as deforestation, plastic pollution, etcetera,” the Indian High Commissioner posited.

He noted that as part of the International Solar Alliance, India will be working along with several other countries to promote solar power as a sustainable means of transitioning to a carbon-neutral future. “Solar energy is able to generate power without giving off any dangerous emissions,” Dr. Srinivasa said.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat began his presentation by reaffirming Guyana’s commitment to lowering its carbon emissions by aggressively pursuing alternative forms of energy. Speaking specifically to solar power, Bharrat told of the government’s intention to ensuring that every hinterland and riverine community is able to garner electricity from solar panels.
Similar sentiments were shared by Dr. Mahender Sharma, who emphasised the need for Guyana to de-carbonise its energy sector. “We are looking at cleaner forms of energy; looking at renewable energy in the form of hydro, solar and wind, where appropriate,” Dr. Sharma said.

He also used the forum to bring attention to his electric car which utilises solar power.
The GEA underscored the importance of humans “to live in harmony with our environment.”

Business tycoon, Dr. Yesu Persaud lauded the IHC for its World Environment Day observance, noting that for too long, Mankind has ignored the planet. “This planet was created to be kept in a certain order; we tend to ignore that,” Dr. Persaud said, adding, “People are destroying ‘green’ and ‘green’ helps us.”

The reputable businessman is hopeful that looking forward, the world will do more to build and nurture, as opposed to damage and destroy.
“Mankind tends to destroy more than he builds, so let’s hope that that will be something of the past, and we will start looking at ourselves; all of us, and do our bit in terms of helping and creating an environment of tranquillity [and] greenness everywhere,” Dr. Persaud said.

He indicated that even though global warming and climate change was regarded as a joke before, the world is beginning to recognise its devastating effects.
“We are a small country, but we could do a lot. To be up and going, Guyana could be transformed into a haven of peace, tranquillity and greenness,” Dr. Persaud asserted.

Also present at the tree-planting exercise were Zane Ramotar and Bhedesh Persaud, local top performers at the recent Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) examinations.

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