Easter, US report and those court cases

TODAY, Guyanese will celebrate the Easter Holidays with a renewed sense of hope while reflecting on the death and resurrection of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is an apt time when persons from various backgrounds come together as “one” celebrating the season with much enthusiasm and the usual cheer.
Only this time, Guyanese will have to be very careful about where they go, what they do, and how they celebrate because of the global pandemic – COVID-19 – which is still very much wreaking havoc, claiming lives and infecting millions the world over. Expectedly, Guyanese will follow the advice of the professionals at COVID-19 Task Force and avoid coming into contact with huge crowds or crowded places. Also, they will hopefully have their masks on and observe the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines which are in place to protect each and every citizen.

But it is anticipated that this Easter will see the usual mouth-watering Guyanese meals and drinks being consumed. The church services will continue with sermons and praises about the life led by Jesus and his disciples.

As we celebrate the season, special emphasis must be placed on the 2020 US Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Guyana. This report offers a horror-filled tale of human rights infractions, excesses, abuses, injustices and wrongs perpetrated under the watch of the David Granger regime. The Irfaan Ali Administration that came to power in August that year inherited and has changed many of the things that are mentioned in that report by delivering robust policies that are modern and will advance social and human justice.

But perhaps, the most damming finding of the entire report came when it revealed that the David Granger regime did not want to concede its election loss to the PPP/C. The report points out, interestingly, how they frustrated the process and delayed what was inevitably known by the world – the PPP/C won the elections by 15, 000 votes.

Mr Granger and the PNC/APNU grouping should ultimately hang their heads in shame for they committed this dastard and undemocratic act. They must know that it will be the “great story” that will be told by the Guyanese community, international community, local observers and regional observer groups. One can choose to ignore it and continue telling “the big lie” about how the PPP/C came to power in 2020 but what one cannot do is concoct the fact. And as history records it, every time the propogandists or intellectual authors in opposition try to swing it, it will remain steadfast and true – you lied and attempted rigging the polls.

This revelation, also, is testimony to how the PPP/C and the people of Guyana felt. Therefore, it makes ample sense that PPP/C should investigate every single allegation of election meddling, charge all persons necessary and put them before the courts. That means that the President would have to make sure that the local government polls that will be scheduled for this year is held in a free, fair and credible manner. That means that GECOM must address those persons who tried tirelessly to implant the David Granger regime for a second tumultuous term. GECOM must bring their contract to an end and appoint new persons at its helm legally. It must not be afraid of the political backlash because the people will not want to go through the type of situation that they have just come through.
The time to build trust, hope and compromise is upon us now. GECOM must not pander its position on having the best outcome that is necessary if that means new Voters List or house-to-house registration. This means, the GECOM must stop pussy-footing and get about the serious issues related to Local Government Elections and general elections in 2025.

Now, those people who were charged over the land and other deals this and last week must be held accountable. Let the chips fall where they may. And there are many more cases waiting for the courts. Wait and see!

This Government appears very serious about not only taking back huge portions of land and property that were allegedly siphoned off by corrupt officials of the previous regime but electoral reform, as well as constitutional reform, while it gets back to handling the affairs of Government and business.
Happy Easter, Be Safe!

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