Brother and sister endure struggles to graduate from UG

TREVAUL and his sister Ayeisha Orea Wilson, purposed in their hearts to succeed, despite their many challenges, which included arriving two hours late for their scheduled classes at the University of Guyana, Tain Campus, where they obtained their degrees in Business Management.

The recent tertiary certifications is not the first for the siblings. In 2012, they acquired their diploma in Accountancy, also from the University of Guyana.
Since then, Trevaul, a trainee Tax Auditor, wedded the amazing Latoya Mahon- Wilson, and together they have a beautiful daughter, Zendiaya. However, Ayeisha has remained single.
For Trevaul, the journey, like any other achievement, was not without challenges.

“It was crazy. Life is not fair … you got to dig deep if you want anything in life. Nothing is handed out to you. Just buckle down and do your thing,” he advised.
“If you got to cry at 02:00 am, then cry. If you got to start class at 5:00pm and it started at 3.00 pm, then do it… the key is not the circumstances, it is your will power, your desire to fulfil your dreams,” he emphasised.

He credits his success to his wife– a school teacher and his biggest supporter– and his daughter, who inspires his drive to do well and to carve a path that she could follow.
Meanwhile, Ayeisha Orea , 28, still feels the pangs of abandonment by her father, and it maybe for this reason that she has looked up to her brother, who is just two years older, for support.
She recalled that as the last of four children, she had a first-hand view of the struggles of her single parent mother, who supported her four children on a teacher’s salary.

“So hard work, dedication, perseverance, self discipline, self- motivation, commitment and consistency were key to success,” she said, adding that “Despite being always late for class, my brother and I were so determined to succeed, that we were unstoppable as a unit.”

Ayeisha has lived by the mantra, “If you can’t live forever, create something that will.”
“Invest in yourself,” she advised, pointing out that “It pays, the best results. Today, I smile and I rejoice for what I’ve accomplished with all the rocks and stones that were thrown at me. I have attended the University of Guyana while working full-time and overtime with no time off from work. However, this didn’t stop me.

I was so determined to attend the University of Guyana that no person, place or thing was going to change that. I was hated by many for wanting to pursue my degree: colleagues, classmates insisted that the class and even test should start without me and my brother. Some lecturers even showed favouritism by allowing this to happen but still we rise although everyone was against us. We were always late for class but we were so determined that we were unstoppable as a unit. I’m so proud of myself for not letting these obstacles prevent me from achieving my goal,” she said.

It is indeed true what they say, “The harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory,” said Ayeisha, who underscored that all praises are due to the Almighty Creator who continues to guide her path.

The siblings are now setting their sight on doing their masters degree.


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