Revetment works on stream for Kimbia wharf
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Region 10 Regional
Chairman, Deron Adams
Region 10 Regional Chairman, Deron Adams

RESIDENTS of Kimbia, Berbice River will soon benefit from much-needed revetment works on the community’s wharf.
Region 10 Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, on Sunday, said that the works are being done to prevent the looming erosion at the entrance of the community’s health centre and primary school. Toshao Ricky Boyle brought the matter to the Region’s attention as it also poses a significant threat to persons’ safety, particularly the youths who leave the community to attend school.

Kimbia, Berbice River will benefit from revetment
works on the community’s wharf

“This situation has made residents resort to the use of a wooden plank as a means of getting from the Kimbia wharf up to the health centre and school since it is threatening the perimeter of each facility,” Adams was quoted by the Department of Public Information (DPI) as saying.
The Regional Chairman said the scope of works needed to address this situation is “too big of a task” for the administration as the erosion is a culmination of natural wear and tear over the years.

Consequently, the administration contacted Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill, for assistance, which he has committed to providing. So far, the administration has provided updates to the ministry through photographs and site visits.
“This is one of the community’s most pressing matters that needs to be addressed and so we are hoping that a partnership between the Public Works Ministry and the administration will be able to do so. We are hoping that can be done in the 2021 National Budget,” the Regional Chairman added.
According to DPI, Adams said the administration would continue to make daily checks on the situation to ensure the damage does not exceed what is identified before the ministry commences work. Kimbia is located in the Ebini area near the Ebini Agriculture Station several miles up the Berbice River. It is approximately 158km from Georgetown.

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