Kindly change this misleading sign

Dear Editor,

ON the occasion of the death anniversary of former President Desmond Hoyte, my friend Francis Quamina Farrier posted a photo of the Hoytes’ residence on North Road, Bourda, which is now a museum dedicated to the life and memory of the late President.

However, the sign on the building is misleading, as it states: “Dedicated to the memories of Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte and Mrs Hoyte, Former President from 1985-1992.” Mr. Hoyte was President, not former President during the stated period. Therefore, the sign should clearly state President 1985-1992.

As trivial as this issue may appear, I am usually guided by my doctor who often says to me, “when you don’t address the little things, big things erupt.” Institutions, especially museums, must have their facts clear.

I hope those responsible will have the sign corrected.

I once attended a function at which then President Hoyte was invited to give an address. He got up and stated 18 North Road, Bourda. That’s where he lived even as President.

Yours sincerely,
Wesley Kirton

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