Blacklist firms that are known for their deceit
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Dear Editor,

AS a patriot, a lover of my country, and a strong supporter of what is always right, I write this letter out of great concern. For years now it has been observed that there are some individuals who have a penchant for crime, dishonesty, lies, self-aggrandizement, gluttony, over-excursion, and womanising, to say the least, and who exhibit boldness, compunction, skills, talents, and the fearlessness of using deception to penetrate powerful government officials to get what they want — even when they do not deserve it. We saw this in 2015, before 2015, and sadly still to this day.

What boggles my mind is how unbelievable it is that government officials, without proper knowledge of these persons, their personalities, and their slimy dealings, allow such people to penetrate them. It is very upsetting because these people who seem to have their hands on everything, are often known not to pay their fair share of taxes; and who, due to favouritism and unethical dealings, are able to get away with their corrupt practices, even if they get caught. In other words, it is very easy for them to slime their way through things. (I use the word slime, instead of slide for emphasis.)

In the security industry that I know so well, we saw a fugitive from American justice penetrate government officials and their families before 2015, and then change allegiance in 2015. Subsequently, he tried to receive contracts that he was not eligible to enter into because his company did not meet the three-year requirements. The key operative was a narcotic fugitive from American justice – who, by the way, had also been arrested in Guyana for smuggling cocaine in fish at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. However, while on remand, the books at the Providence Police Station vanished, most conveniently. Consequently, through the security firm he established, he was able to secure some of the largest contracts in this country, such as Regions Five and Six. This was despite the fact that others who were far more eligible and who won the contracts fairly, could only be told that the son-in-law of the “big one” was part of the outfit and that was the strategy he used.

Another company with a mere registration, and without any proven record of security training, expertise, education, or exposure was able to acquire 37 high-powered weapons without due diligence from the Firearms Board or the police department in 2015. Recently, a well-known security operative and investigator has shown how certain companies get these high-powered security weapons when they are not needed, and that these weapons have been given to companies operated, controlled, and/or associated with known criminal elements. The same security outfit, a major real estate fraudster using the name of a relative, is also known to have shipped in significant quantities of money that was laundered through this security firm. Sadly, some security services are being used for money laundering. Of course, as I said above, these guys know how to use their slime to slide their way in and some government officials seem to be addicted to the smell and stickiness of this slime.

We have seen people who are known to be political manipulators with an utter lack of patriotism, and who are limited to themselves, being given some of the largest construction contracts without due diligence. In another case, we have seen at the opening of contracts, a particular construction company was given tens of millions of dollars in addition to the tendered amount or the estimation of the engineer. There is so much more I can say about these insidious, diabolical manipulations, tricks, and deceitful awards which inhibit human comprehension. For instance, in another scenario before 2015, forged GRA and NIS compliances were submitted to a government ministry. The person who submitted this has always been a well-known trickster, manipulator, and political operative who had obtained assurances and support from apparently government officials, whom he was merely using.

And he used to show himself as a political worker. He had not been given any security contracts for that year but had behaved in unheard of and unseen ways in Guyana, throwing tantrums and even humiliating the government of the day prior to 2015. In the end, he also went as far as going repeatedly to the court, but subsequently lost the case. After 2015 however, he was awarded 10 regions to provide security for and the man turned around and laughed at everyone. He was then later arrested for stealing 100 laptops and other personal belongings and he boasted that he would win the case. Even though this crime had gone viral and was transmitted worldwide on most news channels, the man still won the case and continues to enjoy political protection. As the new government assumed power in 2015, he changed his loyalty and is now changing again, while openly bragging about it. Another security company robbed the GRA with hundreds of millions of dollars, made arrangements to repay them, but never did. All they did was basically declare bankruptcy, change their names, and remain in the same spot with the same uniform while winning contracts around the country and making honourable companies feel immense pain, loss, and disappointment. To us who transact our business honestly and respectfully, this smacks of great humiliation that only those who are interested in deception and utter dishonesty will make progress.

As I reiterate, these people who have slime on their hands and can spread it like a contagion, usually do not pay their proper taxes and/or just a little bit of NIS, and a little bit of tax to pull the wool over the eyes of these agencies. Many of these companies had their books confiscated, but were somehow returned clandestinely. If these shenanigans continue to reign, then I feel sorry for you, Guyana, I feel sorry, my heart bleeds for you, dear beloved Guyana.

With all of this in mind, many seem to forget that through the Security Act, the commissioner of police may suspend or terminate any security company for theft of PAYE taxes, failure to declare corporate taxes, and NIS theft. Many people do not know that the commissioner of police, as the security services administrator, has that authority and power. Additionally, I know that with our new government in place — and I think we have the right president in place– the proper vice-president, the prime minister, and several results-oriented ministers, my advice to them is to stay fresh, stay just. Look out for the honourable, look out for those who are true contributors to the national growth and development of our country, and for those who are true patriots to the country who would do nothing to harm the country, but who would do everything to uplift it in every way possible.

My recommendation is that the government of the day remain sharp. In every industry where these fraudulent operatives are involved, they need to do the best they can to keep them out and let the honourable, fair, and respectful companies get a fair share of the cake to operate. My advice is to blacklist firms that are known for their deceit.

I beg the Government of Guyana to have a clean slate, not to encourage criminal agents to penetrate you as they did the former government. Keep criminal operatives at arm’s length; let them know they are being scorned. Let them know that this Government of Guyana will stand for only that which is right and that which is good for Guyana’s growth and development. Slimy criminals who like to penetrate as holy beings must be stopped at all costs from spreading their slime inside your government.

Yours sincerely,
Hajji Dr. Roshan Khan Snr.

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