The rule of law and political protagonists
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THE law is taking its course in dealing with GECOM and PNC officials who have been witnessed by the world through social media trying to rig the Guyana elections of March 2020; and world leaders across the spectrum of global leadership have stood solidly with the defenders of democracy in Guyana in demanding that the rule of law and democratic practices prevail in Guyana. This eventuated in the PPP/C being declared the winner of the March 2020 elections.
In every country, electoral fraud is a crime punishable by the law, and those who openly, in full view of the international community, tried to steal the elections are being called into account for their crimes by the guardians of the law.

However, the alleged fraudsters are rallying their supporters into disruptive, even threatening actions, which bodes no good for anyone, even those who are convinced that their leaders, who are constantly carping gloom and doom under a PPP/C Government, are being unjustly persecuted by their political opponents.
But President Irfaan Ali has taken no heed of the detractors and the opportunistic elements who relentlessly shoot down every project and programme that the government initiates that is aimed at developing the people and the country, even during formative stages – all in pursuit of selfish and self-serving agendas; and they have not succeeded in stymieing the impetus of the Irfaan Ali-led developmental drive.

The President seemingly does not care what the chronic pessimists and doomsayers say about him and his administration; but he needs to care, because the consequences of ignoring accusatory allegations have oftentimes proven detrimental to the people and country as ignoring contentions based on lies and misrepresentation of facts allows them to gain traction and create distrust.

There was absolute devastation of the country inherited by the PPP/C post both PNC-led governments – in Oct 1992 and March 2020, and the PNC is on record for twice leaving government with a bankrupted economy and crippling debt burdens that are greatly inhibiting factors to stability and/or growth in the economy, indexed twice as poorest in the world, even below Haiti, before the discovery of oil.

In 2015, Guyana was ranked as a middle-income country on global graphs, with growth trends pointing skywards, and with the needs of every community and every sector being addressed to optimize performance and productivity, which would have ultimately redounded to further – even cataclysmic socio-economic progress in the nation.
Of course, pockets of poverty still existed, and sometimes the systems did not work effectively and some people fell through the cracks but, by and large, Guyana was a country poised on the brink of great prosperity pre-2015 elections. Sadly, there was a reversal in Guyana’s developmental landscape post-2015 elections.

But President Irfaan Ali is not fazed: Together with a power-packed Cabinet, the people’s needs and concerns are being addressed – in every community.
Yet, the disingenuous predictors of doom and gloom continue to spill a deluge of spurious, unfounded allegations against government ministers and other officials, hoping to influence the unwary and the uninformed or ill-informed, enough to inflame them into anti-social actions and consequently stymie progress under an Irfaan Ali administration, and one of their strategies is to send their rambunctious supporters to squat on state lands earmarked for developmental purposes.

The housing ministers have promised to speedily address the troubling issue of housing homeless people; and the previous PPP/C housing sector has proven that a ministry or a government under Irfaan Ali’s watch delivers on promises.

The housing ministry under the former PPP/C administration, which fell under then Minister Irfaan Ali’s portfolio, provided hundreds of thousands of families with houselots, simultaneously creating for those families’ shelter and wealth, and the momentum in the development trajectory under the current government is gaining speed, much to the discomfiture of political protagonists.

However, within the next five years, government is determined to inexorably generate enough fiscal space and create of Guyana a homeland of plenty for all.

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